Unlocking the true value of digital transformation

Digital disruption is everywhere today, rapidly changing how we both live and work. Simply put, technology is becoming an inescapable aspect of the modern world.

How do you keep your organizations’ business processes current in the age of technological disruption? You can buck the trend and take the risk, or you embrace digital transformation and reap the benefits.

In a nutshell, digital transformation is the integration of technology into all areas of the business, making changes to how your business operates and to how you deliver value to your customers.

It is a continuous process, that can significantly shape a business and its operations. And when done well, it will result in a resilient business that is harmoniously aligned with its customer’s needs.

Businesses that are prioritizing digital transformation deliver more than just products or services. They deliver experiences.

Digitizing the outdated form

Whether you’re trying to acquire, onboard, or provide a service to customers, the gathering of information is a necessary process which often requires asking them to fill out a form (or five).

Customers today are demanding an experience that is seamless, smooth, and engaging. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in delivering this kind of experience is burdening customers by asking them to repeatedly provide data.

While many organizations have moved the form-filling process online, it is still a task that customers detest. It’s dull, tedious, slow, and often requires them to input the same information repeatedly.

How can we overcome this problem? Enter the next-generation form.

More personalization

The ability to provide digitally savvy customers with personalized experiences is key to customer engagement. From banking to retail, customers want businesses to anticipate their needs and offer just what they’re looking for with ease and convenience.


Traditional, static forms lack any kind of personalization. In fact, they seem tedious to a point that customers often consider abandoning the form altogether, leading you to lose the opportunity to do business together.

Next-generation forms, on the other hand, are more like digital conversations – or “adaptive interviews” which create an engaging experience. They present customers with questions based on known data and new responses, eliminating several headaches.

More insights

Outdated static paper, web and PDF documentation reduces the ability to derive valuable insights from data, limiting this solely to data re-keyed into business systems.

With next-generation forms, you can truly liberate neglected data, using it to improve and empower your operations. You can analyse your forms performance, test questions, and optimize in order to improve completion rates.

Having the ability to report across the entirety of your digital documents and forms allows you to pinpoint even the subtlest of trends which would otherwise have forever laid stagnant in the filing cabinet.

If you aren’t analyzing your data, you could be missing a valuable chance to improve performance.

More connected

Digitally transforming your forms brings businesses huge benefits in terms of customer satisfaction and form completion rates. But perhaps the real value lies with the ability to integrate next-gen forms with key systems you already have.

From your customer relationship management (CRM) solution in which you can pull in new information from forms, to enterprise content management (ECM) where you can archive documents and forms automatically; with true connectivity you can improve productivity and efficiency.

Now that we’ve covered some examples of how digitally transforming your document management process can unlock true business value, let’s take a look at some of the leading solutions in this space.


If you want to speed up revenue with real customer engagement, it’s time to move to the future with Intelledox Adaptive Forms.

Rapidly transform complicated data collection into simple, guided customer experiences from customer acquisition and onboarding, to the service you provide using a web or mobile interface.

Using the “Adaptive Form Builder”, you are empowered to guide your customers through the simple and successful completion of documents through digital conversations instead of static, tiresome forms. With a touch of personalization and interactivity, even standard and regulatory forms become engaging, and the creation of content becomes a breeze.

This unique platform truly meets the needs of today’s digitally-savvy customers, with the ability to interact with forms on the device of their preference. Distracted customers are of no concern here, as they can simply save their work and resume where they left off, regardless of device.

Seamlessly connect your business operations through Intelledox’s pre-built integration with your current systems of record such as your CRM.  More so, the platform’s integration with e-signature platforms such as DocuSign make signing important documents and real-time communication across multiple channels a breeze.

In order to deliver to the modern customers’ needs of frictionless, personal communications, digital transformation is a must.

With this fast and easy to implement platform you can speed up business processes; validate data accuracy; ensure regulatory compliance; improve sales opportunities; create happy customers, and so much more! Read more about intelledox here.


This revolutionary platform is now the standard of electronic signature in the business world. The end-to-end application enables people to send, sign, and approve documents, materials, and transactions from anywhere, at any time, and using any device.

Rapidly speed up your workflow with DocuSign’s digital signature technology. No longer must businesses endure the headache of waiting for other parties to sign and return a paper contract. DocuSign e-signatures enable multiple parties across different locations to complete agreements in a legally valid way.

This popular solution also ensures complete compliance by following industry-leading best practices for securing your data and transactions. Each and every electronic signature is unique, documentable, encrypted, and tamper-evident. Business can feel confident in ensuring the confidentiality of customer transactions with this solution, along with a comprehensive audit trail of signing events.

Users can keep up to date with the status of documents in the signing process through a user-friendly dashboard. Moreover, they can gain access to reports, send automatic reminders and notifications to others, and download and print documents at any time.

This globally-trusted service integrates with many of the applications, services and devices that your business already uses such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and Google.

By harnesses a digital document solution such as DocuSign, productivity is increased, targets are reached, and processes are accelerated.


This software-as-a-service company is at the forefront of open-source site innovation. The platform allows organizations to build, manage and activate digital experiences across any channel.

This open, API-first platform can meet the specific needs and environment of any organization and create an experience that is truly digital. From your IT department to your marketing and commerce teams, with this platform you are enabled to build and deliver the applications and content their customers demand now and in the future.

Data-driven personalization: Provide customers with a completely personalized experience with Acquia Lift, turning everything you know about customers into an experience they will actually engage with.

Lift makes data management a seamless process by making it easy to navigate content through a complex network of sites.

Unlike other personalization tools, Lift is a single solution that combines customer data and ready-to-use content across all of an organization’s marketing tools. The result? A 360-degree customer view which enables marketers to better serve customers and thus reach business goals faster.

Mapping customer journeys: Deliver to customers exactly what they need, when they need it with the built-in journey mapping tool. This has become a key aspect of how marketers can build customer experiences, and until recently, journey maps were drawn on whiteboards.

But with Acquia Journey, this process has been digitally transformed to connect customer touchpoints and deliver better results. The solution combines a flowchart-style journey mapping tool with customer profiles and an automated decision engine to deliver the best-next action for engaging your customers.

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