HTX to elevate the standards of Singapore national security systems. Source: Shutterstock

HTX to elevate the standards of Singapore national security systems. Source: Shutterstock

SG debuts HTX to scale up technology-enabled national security systems

NATIONAL security is a priority for every country.

Singapore has prioritized this matter, and over the years, has channeled efforts towards establishing a government agency that directs efforts towards developing advanced and high-end security and safety technologies.

Coined as the Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX), the government organization unifies the technology capabilities it has developed over the years under one commendable committee in order to elevate the national security systems.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke of HTX’s capabilities at a launch event citing the robots and intricate processes deployed to detect hazardous materials at security checkpoints.

Additionally, HTX is using facial recognition technology to improve efficiencies of custom processes, signifying advanced security measures.

“What we are doing with HTX is part of a larger effort we are making across the government.

“Building up tech capabilities, bridging silos, breaking down silos, using resources more efficiently, and recruiting high caliber officers who can translate operational requirements into tech solutions,” said Lee.

It was announced that HTX will drive greater focus towards developing home-grown national security solutions that are on-par with – or better than – the solutions offered by vendors.

This is particularly monumental because it will elevate the status of Singapore as a progressive digital hub in Southeast Asia.

Some of the technologies that are being developed include life-saving robotic dogs, mobile counter-drone vehicles, and advanced fingerprint tools.

Lee urged HTX to not only embrace technology but also understand it better for effective deployment strategies.

It is important to identify the possibilities and limitations of technology to enable tailored engineering and help meet security operation requirements.

Lee also praised HTX for its strategy of stationing engineers alongside uniformed officers at crime scenes, which will then create a collaborative synergy in solving security issues.

“This will provide you with frontline experience and feedback, to help you stay attuned to the operational tempo of the Home Team and equip you to build solutions that meet their needs,” said Lee.

Even though HTX mainly focuses on national security systems, the agency’s thorough efforts embody the vision and current reformative progress of Singapore’s government bodies as a whole.

“Beyond the Home Team, HTX can be a center of excellence within the government,” Lee added.

Singapore’s efforts are impressive, and serve as a good example for neighbors in Southeast Asia looking to build partnerships and share technology capabilities to address national security concerns.