Hybrid Data Centre

The business focused data center for APAC and beyond: Digital Realty

Because every business process is inextricably bound up in technology today, any digital transformation exercise requires a rethinking not only of the underlying IT basis of the organization, but also a change in the way a company does business.

Planning, creating, and, more importantly, evolving the IT infrastructure as part of that digital transformation, therefore, requires a stepwise strategy.

And irrespective of the size of the organization, there’s always a need for an objective view as to how the project should be undertaken. Luckily, in the form of Digital Realty, there’s a proven, data-based approach that’s been explicitly designed with business-centricity firmly in mind.

The Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (Pdx) approach is one that firstly considers central themes to any business: the quality of customer experiences, the speed and agility of IT infrastructure, the elasticity of service provisions, data management & governance issues, and the existing legacy IT landscape.

The company’s PlatformDIGITAL is designed around those critical issues and revolves around resilience, the removal of data gravity issues (where data tends to congregate locally), consistency of provision and customer/partner experience, and – for the administrators – a global operational framework.

The oversight and management of a distributed, hybrid IT infrastructure can be, with the wrong provider, a significant overhead financially, but also prove to be a hindrance to overall business development. For too long, IT departments gained a reputation for preventing agile rollouts of new initiatives: it’s essential that as business changes, the IT infrastructure & facilities are capable of supporting the business. This is Digital Realty’s credo, and the underpinning methodology behind its PDx approach, and the PlatformDIGITAL platform.

The company will help your organization plan distributed workflows across the globe, ensuring that points of presence are where they need to be, as close to the required centers of data exchanges as possible: no other provider has this type of widespread capability in the region.

Of course, the service users’ and customers’ needs and concerns have to be at the heart of planning and rollout, and Digital Realty can ensure that the right performance attributes of storage, compute and networking are given to each workload type.

Capabilities defined by IT structure are, of course, driven by the business, both as it might be now, but also with a long-term view that was born in the experience Digital Realty brings to the table. It’s that far-sighted quality with its clients’ interests at the core that differentiates the company’s approach to, for instance, edge-based computing.

The edge cases

Time and again, experience has shown that getting the required resources to remote edge installs makes a significant difference. With well over 200 data centers in 15 countries (and 36 metropolitan centers), the capabilities if Digital Reality allows companies to easily install and manage the required resources right where they need to be.

Instead of pushing data to a central, singular cloud, and process data away from its source, the capabilities that any organization gets from PlatformDIGITAL mean real-time insight at the point of data creation is a living reality. And Digital Realty’s distributed infrastructure means that you get the capacity and footprint you need, where you need it.

The case for control

Just a few years ago, creating a massively agile and distributed IT framework across multiple sites for a complex hybrid topology would have involved months, if not years of planning. Then, running such an arrangement would have cost the enterprise a significant proportion of its budget in maintenance and oversight.

But with the PlatformDIGITAL solution, the business-oriented distributed network of compute and storage situated on every continent can be controlled and managed as simply as a few server instances. With a software-defined structure, where convergent technologies can provide on the basis of business need and end-user demand, the enterprise now has the localized resources it needs, now and along the path to digital transformation.

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