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How You Know It’s Time To Look For A New Tech Role (& Where To Find Them)

If you’re reading this, chances are the idea of leaving your current job has already crossed your mind. Everyone has moments of discontentment (it’s work, after all) but if you’ve experienced more than one of the following it might be time to start dusting off your resumé…

Culture Clash

Maybe you prefer to process ideas before speaking up, while your team thrives on quickfire responses. Perhaps you like an atmosphere that’s collaborative, but your colleagues have a heads-down approach to work. Feeling like you aren’t connecting with your employer’s culture is anxiety-inducing, to say the least. But before you start looking for the nearest exit, ask yourself if your discomfort comes from disagreeing with the culture or because you’re challenged by it. The latter offers an opportunity for growth, but if it’s the former, you might never feel a sense of belonging and it might be time to cut your losses. After all, the average tech worker spends a third of their life working, so you need to enjoy the experience.

Growth Roadblock

Climbing the career ladder is all very well, but what happens when layoffs, outsourcing or robots make the climb less reliable. Of course, lateral moves can be rewarding too, and where a path is unclear, it’s advisable to seek one out. Even if your employer isn’t providing a path, they’re likely to appreciate the value of an engaged employee who is actively trying to explore all the options before leaving. But when it comes down to it, career progression is nobody else’s responsibility. So if you want to proactively shape your professional future you need to seek out roles that will help you, whether they’re in your current company or outside of it.

Compensation Shortfall

A company’s atmosphere, goals, products, vision and passion is always worth more than any salary bump, but being undervalued in a thriving jobs market is difficult to swallow. If you’ve been passed up for promotion more than once or know that competitors are paying more for your skillset (hello research, our old friend) and any conversations to discuss adjusting your compensation to reflect your achievements come to a dead end, it’s time to spread your wings and explore new opportunities.

Flexible Working

A growing impetus for workers’ career decisions is the offer of flexible-working plans. While the pandemic may have introduced many employers and their staff to the opportunities remote or hybrid working can offer, many short-sighted companies are now reversing these options. Forced returns to the office are prompting many workers to rethink their current position. If you’re one of them, know that there is no better time to secure a job that fits your individual needs.

There are endless opportunities out there waiting to fulfill your dreams of a rewarding professional career. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled the best of the best here. All you have to do is apply. Heres to your new job, and a brighter future.