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A seamless holiday on the cloud in Bali

Cloud computing is enabling a good time for travelers to Bali thanks to the island’s digital ecosystem being enabled by Bank BPD Bali. The bank recently adopted the Nutanix Cloud Platform to bolster the island’s digital ecosystem for economic recovery and contribute to the development of Indonesia’s digital economy.

For most businesses, the pandemic allowed them to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Be it small or large enterprises, failure to digitize over the last two years may have seen them lose their business to competitors. From adopting digital payments to e-commerce, almost every business today needs to support some form of technology to remain relevant.

In Southeast Asia, most countries have opened their borders to welcome both tourists and business travelers back. And the numbers have been positive since the borders opened, with some industries like tourism witnessing a positive growth.

Most industries have realized that technology is a key enabler to ensure seamless economic activities. For example, more countries in Southeast Asia are shifting towards cashless payments through the use of e-wallets and such.

The financial industry in these economies needs to ensure they have sufficient infrastructure prepared to cater to this. Failure to do so could only lead to unpleasant experiences which in turn be bad for businesses as well.

In Indonesia, small and medium-sized enterprises are at the helm of the country’s digital revolution to become Asia’s largest digital economy. Making up 99% of existing businesses and generating more than 60% of the national GDP, SMEs are critical in driving economic recovery for Indonesia following the pandemic.

As such, Bank BPD strategic plans in Bali to bolster the digital economy ecosystem in leveraging the cloud as well as enabling greater access and participation for the island’s growing SMEs market, helping to pave the way for tourism and economic recovery.

Bank BPD Bali leveraged the Nutanix Cloud Platform as its platform of choice for its data center modernization, and to host their business-critical applications. Leveraging Nutanix, Bank BPD Bali was able to accelerate its digital transformation and modernize its processes, and ultimately, strengthen business resiliency and operational efficiency.

“Our digitalization approach with Nutanix was one of the most critical aspects of our business, especially as we sought to scale for growth and support the development of Bali’s digital economy ecosystem,” commented Ida Bagus Gede Setia Yasa, S.Kom., M.M., Operational Director, Bank BPD Bali.

Ida added the bank’s IT efficiency improved by 70%, allowing them to focus on strategic innovation that supports the evolving needs of our customers, especially in the SME sector. The implementation was carried out in partnership with Multipolar Technology, integrated systems with ease, and has since observed improved performance with its database.

For the bank, having a system that runs business-critical services round the clock is especially crucial to enabling its compliance with government regulations, while delivering seamless service, support, and trust for its customers. Beyond improved service uptime, Bank BPD Bali has also successfully reduced its data center footprint and achieved significant operational cost savings for power and cooling.

According to Fetra Syahbana, Indonesia’s country manager for Nutanix, the financial services landscape is undergoing seismic change. To thrive in a new financial environment, banks must sharpen their competitive edge and capitalize on new opportunities, while addressing the emerging and evolving needs of customers.

“Hybrid multi-cloud will be pivotal in supporting this — giving banks the agility and resilience they need to adapt, evolve, and innovate at speed and scale to drive new value for their stakeholders,” said Syahbana.