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China and the broader APAC region will get a taste of advanced network connectivity

  • Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL and the hybrid WAN capabilities of CypressTel increase connectivity throughout the Greater China region.
  • The move will enabling customers to scale their digital businesses using managed network solutions from CypressTel.

As one of the largest digital economies in the world, China is also known to have a reputation for taking on large-scale initiatives that involve relocating resources throughout the entire nation in order to develop sectors that are essential to the economy, such as the digitization market, which aims to transform network connectivity and digital services.

Recently, Cypress Telecom (CypressTel), a leading international ICT and carrier network service provider, and Digital Realty, the largest global provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions, signed an agreement to provide enhanced connectivity for Digital Realty’s customers in Greater China and the larger Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The availability of PlatformDIGITAL, Digital Realty’s first global data center platform of its kind created to help customers scale digital businesses, along with CypressTel’s managed network solutions, will enable the improved connectivity options.

The partnership enables customers using Digital Realty’s data centers in Hong Kong to tap into a variety of services that are available to access various workloads across data centers and multiple clouds while utilizing a financially advantageous architecture. The versatile network performance to various customer endpoints provided by CypressTel intelligent managed network services complements the flexible network access in its data centers.

Empowered by CypressTel’s broad high-speed core network in Greater China, customers can benefit from seamless connectivity from Digital Realty’s data centers to customer sites and cloud service providers. Customers can get reliable and robust network services from CypressTel. This partnership provides a trustworthy gateway for services into the region and effectively gives Chinese enterprises an outbound door to the rest of the globe thanks to CypressTel’s local presence in Greater China and superior network operational experience.

Enhancing customers’ network connectivity in Asia

Additionally, given the speed with which software applications are developed nowadays, an agile customer network with fast service scalability is necessary to meet capacity demands as they arise. With its robust and direct connectivity across China and the rest of the world, CypressTel’s multi-cloud connect solutions can help companies meet this need.

As companies continue to look for the most affordable and expedient approach to extend their digital enterprises globally, David Lucey, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management and Acting APAC Managing Director, noted the importance of fast, on-demand, and versatile end-to-end networking.

“Instant and simultaneous connection is vital especially with the exponential amount of data being transacted. This is especially relevant given Hong Kong’s position as a major business hub and key entry point for global enterprises looking to scale their operations to Greater China and the broader APAC region. We are excited to collaborate with CypressTel to build on our connectivity offerings and strengthen network services in Greater China and beyond to help customers overcome legacy barriers in their digital pursuits,” explained Lucey.

CypressTel’s hybrid WAN solution and regional network delivers a complete and affordable end-to-end connectivity solution connecting the data centers, customer sites, remote access users, and hybrid clouds. In a constantly changing digital and application-driven environment, it enables clients to achieve digital resilience and good user experiences for each application passing via their networks.

The CEO of CypressTel, Connee Zhang, also states that the company is excited to collaborate with Digital Realty in order to make its managed network services available to customers in Asia, enabling more connectivity options within the region and beyond.

“CypressTel’s hybrid offering which includes our fast, on-demand network solutions, hybrid WAN & SD-WAN solutions and managed cloud services are customizable and easily scalable for Digital Realty’s customers to expand their presence in the region and worldwide,” he concluded.

With locations in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Osaka, Digital Realty runs a network of industry-leading data centers throughout APAC. The company intends to increase its regional presence through new development initiatives.