State, local govts in the US continues buying telecom gears from China despite warnings

State, local govts in the US continues buying telecom gears from China despite warnings/(Source – Shutterstock)

More versatile cloud solutions from Huawei for next-gen connectivity

  • Huawei introduces its first suite of carrier-focused, scenario-based global cloud solutions.
  • These solutions focus on monetizing networks, developing new services, and streamlining operations to assist carriers in embracing cloud transformation.

The capacity of cloud solutions to alter the economic structure and market environment of individual industries is making it an essential component of industrial digital transformation and is increasingly seen as a critical economic factor.

Given the significance of the cloud, GlobalData estimated that the APAC cloud computing market will reach $191.8 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7.7 percent from 2019 to 2024.

Having said that, Huawei recently organized the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit as a highlight of its Win-Win Innovation Week. Chen Xuejun, Director of Huawei Carrier IT Marketing & Solution Sales introduced Huawei’s first collection of global scenario-based cloud solutions for carriers during the keynote address at the summit, titled Huawei Cloud: Enabling New Growth for Carriers. To assist carriers in embracing cloud transformation and growth acceleration, these solutions focus on monetizing networks, developing services, and streamlining operations.

A crucial phase of the telecom sector’s own cloud transformation has already begun, bringing with it a host of brand-new opportunities and challenges. By the end of 2023, 15% of operators are anticipated to have created and fully implemented a comprehensive cloud strategy, creating a telecommunications cloud market that will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Chen Xuejun delivering the keynote speech

Chen Xuejun delivering the keynote speech

Operators must give priority to the development of more effective and agile ICT infrastructure in order to enable this expansion and capitalize on the new markets that these technologies are creating.

At the event, Peng Song, President of Huawei Carrier BG Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, shared his opinion that operators should base their cloud transformation on communication technology (CT) and should take advantage of the special advantages that the telecom sector and cloud transformation present in order to maximize the value of their networks and services.

Three factors of Huawei’s cloud solutions

The future of telecom carriers will be based on cloud transformation thanks to developments in 5G, cloud computing, big data, and edge computing. In the next five years, carriers worldwide will raise their investments in IT infrastructure for cloud transformation at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%, claims Gartner. For its carrier cloud solutions, Huawei has condensed its more than three decades of telecom experience and cloud expertise into these three factors:

  • Network + Cloud expands the scope of network monetization. In order to maximize network value, carriers can expand their service and market horizons with the help of Huawei’s network insights and cloud-network collaboration solutions. Huawei Cloud offers enterprise customers in China a Cloud + Network + Security deployment solution to increase the reach of conventional solutions with integrated ICT for a multiplier boost in value.
  • Service + Cloud accelerates service innovation. Huawei Cloud uses its advanced cloud platform capabilities and telecom industry experience to accelerate innovation and make carrier development more flexible. A customer in Africa used Huawei Cloud to implement the mobile wallet platform, speeding up service rollout from months to weeks. This rollout was further expedited by the Huawei Cloud ecosystem from months to just one week.
  • Operation + Cloud drives operations efficiency. The pre-optimized cloud solution from Huawei Cloud powers basic telecom services, increases user scale, and stimulates the steady expansion of key services. Only 10% of 5G subscribers in Asia are actually using the 5G service packages and network coverage. Huawei uses the distributed data lake solution to analyze business support system (BSS) data collaboratively, increasing operations effectiveness and 180% marketing conversion for 5G provisioning.

In order to be successful in the cloud transformation and offer customers high-quality services, according to Peng, operators must develop strategic alliances with people who are well-versed in the telecom sector and are adept at using its advantages.

Chen Xuejun concluded his keynote with Huawei Cloud’s commitment. “The key to carrier cloud transformation lies in smarter use of the cloud for networks, services, and operations. Huawei Cloud will work with global carriers to transform and open up new growth space.”

Separately, Huawei also covered topics including 5.5G at the event. 5.5G is expected to boost connectivity in the next few years.