Unlocking new digital strategy for nations in APAC.

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New digital strategy will unlock opportunities for APAC

  • Opening keynote addresses delivered by governmental ministers, Singtel, Axiata, the International Telecommunication Union, Qualcomm, and Huawei.
  • Innovation, connectivity, and digital policy are the three main topics on the agenda for Mobile 360 Asia Pacific.

A future propelled by an increasingly digital-first economy with Asia Pacific (APAC) organizations at its forefront has ushered thanks to the unparalleled rate of acceleration in digital transformation over the past year. To that end, businesses in the APAC region need to maintain their commitment to a digital strategy and foster a suitable environment for digitalization.

When it comes to navigating the digital transformation process successfully, the APAC region has plenty to teach the rest of the globe. According to a survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 26% of APAC organizations, compared to just 19% of their global peers, feel their digital transformation initiatives have been highly effective.

In order to maximize value and continue to shape APAC organizations and industries in a digital-first world, the GSMA hosted the fifth iteration of Mobile 360 Asia-Pacific 2022 in Singapore, where innovators, governments, and decision makers took the stage to discuss 5G and how it can empower digital nations to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth.

Together, they explored the possibilities that emerging technologies, including the metaverse, will present for the economy and broader society in Asia Pacific, as shown in the seventh annual Digital Societies Report from the GSMA, which was released recently.

Discussing digital strategy for APAC

At the event, governmental ministries, Singtel, Axiata, the International Telecommunication Union, Qualcomm, and Huawei each gave opening keynote presentations. They talked on how countries need to adopt a digital strategy to hasten infrastructure building, foster a favorable environment for digitalization, and promote the post-pandemic regional economy.

In the “Building Digital Nations” keynote, Dr Janil Puthucheary, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Health shared key learnings of capabilities, partnerships and collaboration required to build effective and successful Digital Nations.

According to Dr. Puthucheary, Singapore’s vision of the digital future necessitates a multifaceted strategy. Early investments are also necessary to ensure the ongoing relevance of the underlying digital infrastructure and to recognize the need to promote research in digital technologies with the potential to transform society.

“As we enhance our infrastructure and research capabilities, we also review our regulatory frameworks in a consultative and collaborative manner to keep pace with technological advancements. This includes deepening collaborations with other Governments and industry partners globally and regionally. It is equally important that we continue to build digital capabilities so our enterprises and workforce can maximize opportunities in the digital economy,” he added.

Pioneering the next frontier of connectivity

Innovation, connectivity, and digital policy are the core topics of discussion for the remaining days of Mobile 360 Asia Pacific. The diverse speaker lineup will discuss how the industry can aim to reach new milestones in this new era of hyper-connectivity, how to create a roadmap for delivering networks that meet society’s demands, and the policies driving the digital revolution.

“Our region is bold and diverse in its approach to connectivity, and I look forward to discussing how we harness the full power of advanced technologies to drive societal development. As we approach this new era of widescale immersive technology, it’s critical that we continue to foster industry collaboration so that our digital nations prosper in a safe and sustainable way” said the GSMA’s Head of Asia Pacific, Julian Gorman.

Additionally, Julian Gorman, GSMA’s Head of Asia Pacific, noted that he was appreciative of the support of the esteemed network of partners and sponsors and thanked them for their collaboration in bringing the mobile industry together in person to meet and explore the opportunities that lay ahead.