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CloudMile hopes to ease multi-cloud visibility as it expands in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the digital economy plays an important role in the country’s digital transformation plan. CloudMile, a leading cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) company in Asia, will strengthen its commitment to the Malaysian market to support local organizations and industries, with multiple benefits. It will unlock the value of the data and enable the company’s rapid expansion in Malaysia, pioneering new services built on Google Cloud infrastructure and contributing to the development of tech talent.

Speaking to Tech Wire Asia during Cloud Expo 2022, Jeremy Heng, Country Manager of CloudMile, shared the company’s plans to make Malaysia the backbone of its operations, as well as how they plan to grow in the region, with Google Cloud offering numerous possibilities for organizations.

Heng pointed out that CloudMile plans to grow its local workforce in Malaysia by five times in the next three years. They aim to strengthen its technology capabilities and customer services, especially for financial services, manufacturing industries, Government-linked companies (GLCs), and large conglomerates.

Jeremy Heng, country manager of CloudMile

Since opening its Southeast Asian hub office in Malaysia in June 2021, Heng said CloudMile has established a Network Operations Centre to provide 24/7 support to clients across the region. It is hiring and developing local talent to make Malaysia a CloudMile regional Center of Excellence for managed services, support, and research and development.

The CloudMile team helps enterprises make the best use of opportunities in the cloud through technologies like AI and data analytics, best practices in security and collaboration, and application modernization. It has already helped numerous enterprises across finance, education, manufacturing, and public sectors to transform and unlock the value of their data, achieving significant cost savings, efficiency gains, and faster go-to-market times.

“It doesn’t make sense that a company spends a million dollars on the cloud, but their business is not growing. By adopting the cloud, they need to know how it will help the business grow. That’s why we are in this space. And when it comes to costs, obviously, it has to make sense. We set up in Malaysia because our overall MSP costs are down so that customers can get the service that they want, the experience they need, without bending over back to basically get what they need to do. That’s number one. Number two, when we work with our customers, we try and help them to basically understand how cost-effective measures can be put into place by putting in best practices,” explained Heng.

Leveraging Google Cloud infrastructure

For Heng, as one of Google’s leading Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner in Malaysia, CloudMile is ideally positioned to help local companies and public agencies take advantage of the newly established Google Cloud region in Malaysia, enabling them to benefit from high-performance and low-latency services through closer proximity of digital infrastructure and applications.

In addition, CloudMile uses the recent Google and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) partnership in Malaysia to launch its first GCP-in-a-box subscription-based service in Southeast Asia.

The new service transforms the traditional capital expenditures model of the hybrid cloud into an operating expenses model. CloudMile rolls out GCP-in-a-box to meet the growing demand for flexible cloud services. With the recent opening of its new Indonesia office, all these efforts demonstrate CloudMile’s commitment to bringing cloud services to the next level.

“CloudMile sees cloud service at the core of these emerging technologies, and we are determined to be a key enabler and partner of enterprises under this vision. With the growing use of Google Cloud and Workspace across Southeast Asia, we are investing to expand our geographical footprint and innovating new solutions to support enterprises on their digital journeys,” added Heng.

CloudMile simplifies multi-cloud

The multi-cloud is another key area businesses are looking at to meet their diverse and evolving IT needs. According to IDC, over 80% of enterprises in Asia are operating in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, with a mix of private and public infrastructures.

But a big problem with the multi-cloud is having sufficient visibility on data. As Heng puts it, they plan to enable “customers to monitor their spend on the cloud and have AI technology to basically tell them what they can spend less on so they can optimize their entire architecture across the multi track and not only on a single path.”

Leveraging the capability of Anthos, CloudMile helps customers deploy, orchestrate, and optimize their applications on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Virtual Machines (VMs) within a single pane of glass in a secured manner, delivering consistent deployment and operational experience for hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

The new strategy increases CloudMile’s solution offerings by utilizing the latest innovations in the market and delivering them as a holistic solution to customers. MileLync, a software suite developed by CloudMile, will help Anthos to monitor and analyze cloud consumption across multiple cloud platforms. CloudMile’s technical support teams in the region also provide 24/7 support to customers, managing their Google Workspace and multi-cloud environments.