Zoom continues showing commitment to Asia Pacific to power modern work experiences

  • Zoom announced significant platform improvements and expansion for the whole Zoom ecosystem at Zoomtopia APAC 2022.
  • Zoom’s future vision focuses on finding new approaches to combine the physical and digital worlds to produce more inclusive, immersive, and collaborative experiences.

It goes without saying that the last few years have been extremely volatile for the business world. The pandemic has reduced a decade’s worth of innovation in the tech space to a few years. Because some of our most important industries are understaffed and the modern work environment is growing, employers are looking for new technology to improve the situation, respond to emerging trends, and hasten the adoption of digital solutions that have been in development for years.

“In the Asia Pacific region, while each country faces unique challenges and opportunities, business leaders are grappling with two key realities. Firstly, economic uncertainty about the future. With rising interest rates and inflation, business leaders are juggling increased competition and disruption with the pressure to manage costs at the same time,” said Ricky Kapur, Zoom’s Head of APAC at Zoomtopia APAC 2022.

Zoom continues showing commitment to Asia Pacific to power modern work experiences

Ricky Kapur, Zoom’s Head of APAC at Zoomtopia APAC 2022. (Source – Zoom)

The second aspect that Kapur brought up was the lack of skilled workers and the rising demand from the workforce for a work environment that encourages collaboration while also increasing productivity. The transition to hybrid work necessitates quick innovation. Teams want flexible tools for collaboration and communication that go with them wherever they choose to work, that will integrate with other business tools they use regularly.

Since hybrid work is here to stay, successful businesses must provide a cohesive, cross-platform experience for employees and customers.

Hence, at Zoomtopia APAC 2022, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. recently shared exciting business updates and presented the newest innovations geared to fuel modern work experiences for organizational success.

How Zoom is looking to accelerate the modern work experience initiative 

Kapur reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the APAC market, continuing investment in talent to spur regional business growth and emphasizing a positive impact on the local community.

“As many people around the world start rethinking what really makes them happy, we want to empower them to zoom in on what matters. Zoom’s vision for the future is about bringing physical and digital environments together in new ways to create more inclusive, immersive, collaborative experiences.  We are focused on giving organizations, their employees, and customers a platform that works best for them, their lives and their workflows,” expressed Eric Yuan, CEO and Founder of Zoom.

Key updates shared at Zoomtopia APAC this year include:

  • Empowering organizations and individuals: This year, Zoom delivered more than 1,500 new features and improvements on the Zoom platform. The Zoom Mail and Calendar applications integrate with the communication and collaboration tools currently included in Zoom Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Team Chat, enhancing the platform’s capabilities. At the event, Zoom unveiled its upcoming 2023 virtual co-working space, Zoom Spots. With the Zoom platform incorporated, Zoom Spots is a persistent video-enabled space that promotes inclusive conversations, keeps team members in touch, and replicates the fluid interactions of in-person work for distant, hybrid teams throughout the day.
  • Fuelling the region’s innovation with customers: Work booths or co-working spaces in Singapore will have video conferencing capabilities thanks to a partnership between Zoom and workspace on-demand marketplace Switch (a division of JustCo Group). The ability to participate in virtual meetings at any chosen location will further the work-from-anywhere concept.
  • Continued growth of Zoom’s partner ecosystem in APAC: Over 800 channel partners from APAC (excluding Japan) have joined Zoom since the Zoom Up Partner Program was introduced in March 2022. These partners contribute 35% of Zoom’s entire APAC channel revenue, aiding customers with their communication and collaboration needs.
  • Building a platform user can trust: One of the many updates the company unveiled at Zoomtopia APAC 2022 was its most recent security offerings, which include the rollout of automatic Zoom client updates for enterprise customers, which will allow users to take advantage of Zoom’s most recent features and security updates, (in BETA Stage) end-to-end encryption between Service users feature as part of Zoom Mail Service (also in BETA stage), and advanced encryption for Zoom Phone voicemail.

According to Kapur, transitioning to hybrid work requires rapid innovation despite obstacles in this challenging business environment.

“With hybrid work set to stay, teams need to be equipped with a flexible communication platform that empowers them to work productively and collaboratively from anywhere. Ultimately, our continuous platform innovations and updates ladder into one goal: helping companies deliver a secure and seamless experience for both their employees and customers,” he concluded.