The new Android 14 update Is causing all sorts of problems for users.

The new Android 14 update Is causing all sorts of problems for users. (Source – Shutterstock)

Android 14 update causing problems for users – Google issues a statement

  • Android 14 update brings a critical bug impacting multi-user profiles on Pixel 6 and later models.
  • The bug causes storage lockouts and continuous reboots.
  • Google is rapidly addressing the issue.

Android has a neat perk compared with Apple – the flexibility in managing Google accounts. Imagine having a single device, but with the ability to switch between your work and personal lives seamlessly. That’s what Android offers, akin to the user account systems in Windows and macOS. It’s convenient – say you’ve got a shared tablet at home; both you and your partner can have your separate spaces on it. Or, if you’re using an Android phone, you can effortlessly switch from your professional Google account to your personal one as needed.

Think about the individuality each user profile on an Android device maintains. Everyone gets to personalize their experience – from choosing wallpapers to setting up home screens, storing personal photos and documents, and even maintaining separate apps. The primary user, often the one who set up the device first, holds a bit more power, like adding or removing other users, but the freedom for secondary users is pretty extensive.

Now, consider a situation where someone needs to borrow your phone temporarily. Maybe it’s a younger family member eager to watch their favorite videos or play a game. Android’s got you covered with something called Guest mode. This neat feature lets temporary users access common apps like Chrome and YouTube without signing into an account. They can log in to their accounts for more personalized experiences with apps like Gmail or Google Photos.

And the best part? As the device’s primary user, you can ensure all guest data is erased once they’re done, keeping your privacy intact.

Android 14 update triggers multi-user profile issues

There’s a twist, though. Recently, a problem has emerged with this multi-user profile setup in Android. Google has flagged an issue with Android 14 running on some Pixel phones, where setting up multiple user accounts leads to storage problems. The advice from Google? Better hold off on creating multiple user accounts on these devices for now.

Let’s discuss a serious glitch hitting Android, targeting users with Pixel 6 and newer models. Picture this: a software bug so severe, it turns devices into bricks, effectively locking people out of their storage. Users are comparing this fiasco to a digital hijacking, akin to ransomware. On October 27th, Google acknowledged this untenable situation, assuring everyone that a resolution is in the works.

Just two days later, on October 29th, a Google community manager shared more insights. The issue seems to be affecting only certain Pixel models. Google is diligently working on a solution and is optimistic that an upcoming system update will sort everything out, ideally without forcing users into a dreaded factory reset. It’s also exploring ways to salvage data from devices that are stuck in a perpetual startup loop.

Google hasn’t been sitting idle. It’s rolled out a Google Play system update, hoping to shield additional devices from this issue. But as a precaution, it’s advising Pixel owners who haven’t yet encountered this problem to avoid setting up or using secondary user profiles until everything is thoroughly fixed.

This issue first surfaced among Pixel 6 users, quickly escalating as the update spread. A report from Ars Technica highlighted the fact that a Google issue tracker thread discussing the bug exploded with over 350 replies, indicating a broader impact. The symptoms vary – from vanishing apps and frequent crashes to complete lockout from internal storage in some user accounts.

For a while, the bug seemed stuck at a “P2” priority level, which is only mid-range in urgency (P0 being the highest). No one appeared to be assigned to it, based on the tracker. However, it seems the surge in media coverage spurred Google into action. The bug’s status has now been elevated to “P0.” It’s now assigned and is actively being investigated by Google engineers, who’ve even started responding directly in the issue tracker thread.

Impact and user guidance of the Android 14 update

The issue revolves around devices that got the Android 14 update and have multiple user profiles set up. This includes standard users, guest accounts, restricted profiles, and child users. It doesn’t seem to affect primary users or those with several Google accounts within their primary or work profiles.

The impact varies: some primary users can’t access media storage, while others face a reboot with a “Factory data reset” message. Accepting this message could mean losing unbacked data, and declining it leads to repetitive reboots.

Google’s response? We’re on it – working on fixes, releasing interim Google Play updates to prevent further spread, and seeking data recovery methods for those stuck in boot loops.

Google’s heartfelt apology comes with a word of caution: if your device isn’t already experiencing these issues, or if you’ve done a factory reset, it’s best to avoid creating or using secondary profiles until an over-the-air (OTA) update is ready.

Here’s a takeaway – Android’s knack for handling multiple users and separating personal from work data is usually a boon. But this bug mainly hits those using this not-so-common feature, often locking out the crucial primary profile.

User guidance surrounding the Android 14 update.

User guidance surrounding the Android 14 update. (Source – Shutterstock)

With many users lamenting lost data, it’s a timely reminder to always backup your phone data. Android, right from the start, offers various backup options like Google Photos and Play Games to save your game progress. It’s a stark reminder that our phones, while smart, aren’t infallible – they can get lost, stolen, or damaged, and their data can vanish in an instant, sometimes even auto-triggering a factory reset. So, backing up your data is not just good practice; it’s essential for safeguarding your digital life.

Balance between business and personal

In the corporate world, using two profiles on Android devices is often encouraged, to maintain a clear division between personal and professional lives. This feature, which allows for the creation of distinct user environments on a single device, serves a critical role in both privacy and organizational efficiency. Here’s why this is particularly relevant and how it ties into the current situation:

Business efficiency and privacy

  1. Separation of data: For business users, the ability to separate work and personal apps, emails, and documents within the same device ensures that sensitive company data remains secure and private.
  2. Reduced risk: By keeping professional data confined to a work profile, businesses mitigate the risk of accidental data leakage through personal apps or media.
  3. Work-life balance: Separating profiles helps in maintaining a work-life balance. Notifications, emails, and calls from the work profile can be managed separately, reducing off-hours work disturbances.

Impact of the bug

However, the recent bug in Android 14, particularly affecting Pixel 6 and later models, throws a wrench into these advantages. The glitch, leading to issues like lockouts from device storage and continuous reboots, disproportionately affects users leveraging this dual-profile capability. This is problematic because:

  1. Business disruption: Employees relying on their Android devices for work may find themselves locked out of essential data or unable to access work apps, leading to significant workflow disruptions.
  2. Data loss risk: The risk of data loss or needing to perform a factory reset poses a serious threat, especially for those without recent backups of their work profiles.

In light of this bug, businesses and individual users who typically use separate profiles for work and personal use on Android devices should be cautious. Following Google’s advice to avoid creating or logging into secondary user profiles until an OTA update resolves the issue is prudent to prevent potential data loss and device accessibility issues.

Stay alert

Google swoops in to fix Android 14 update bug.

Google swoops in to fix Android 14 update bug.

While Android 14 promised much, its unforeseen pitfalls have left users treading cautiously. The saga of this update serves as a stark reminder of our reliance on technology and the importance of backups. As we collectively navigate these digital hurdles, let’s stay alert to updates and safeguard our data. Remember, in the ever-evolving world of technology, being prepared is half the battle won.