How Pillir and AWS created optimized, SAP-integrated digital solutions for this natural resources company: webinar

Sometimes challenges to a company’s digital transformation come not from its working practices or attitude to technology, but environmental factors. The reality is that across much of the world, some companies operate in challenging circumstances, with sporadic or non-existent connectivity, and often with legacy technology stacks.

In this unique webinar event, you can learn how AWS and Pillir successfully modernized Archean Group’s SAP ERP ecosystem. Archean is a conglomerate mining company with complex supply chains and partner networks that require the ability to operate in challenging environments with little to no connectivity.

This webinar will showcase how Archean Group transformed its manual processes and costly ABAP customizations into a modernized solution that leverages low code, rapid application development, powered by AWS, to create modernized digital document management and integrated procure-to-pay systems.

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We’ll talk about how Pillir and AWS provided the roadmap and execution of SAP ERP modernization solutions that transitioned Archean into a more efficient and profitable company. Crucially, Archean Group is now poised to scale and expand without needing to process complex workflows manually.


Ravi Pendurthi, Managing Director – Archean Group

Vaidya Aiyer, CEO – Pillir

Saurov Sarkar, SAP on AWS Sales Lead – AWS

Joe Green, Technology Journalist & presenter of the Tech Means Business podcast – Tech Wire Asia

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