On-demand webinar shows how digital transformation works in practice, with AWS and Pillir

  • Forward-thinking company in heavy industry takes the digital transformation challenge.
  • AWS Advanced Technology Partner provides roadmap and the facility to build game-changing apps.
  • Most reliable cloud provider, currently supporting more than 5,000 active SAP customers.

A webinar that took place live here on the pages of Tech Wire Asia recently showed how one company, a mineral and conglomerate outfit based in Chennai, India, used today’s technology to drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and give customers better value-for-money and a better experience.

The Archean Group is a large company that used a local SAP installation to run many aspects of its business. But developing bespoke code on this industry-standard ERP solution was proving to be expensive and difficult to implement. However, with the help of AWS Partner Pillir, Archean was able to roll out innovative apps it could place in the hands of workers, and technology that is changing the way the company operates.

Ravi Pendurthi, the CEO of the Archean Group, was aware that manual operations to undertake simple tasks like raise POs or track shipments were slowing down business processes and negatively impacting on end-users and customers alike. With Pillir’s help and know-how, the company was successful in:

– automating slow processes by placing powerful apps in the hands of its employees in the field,
– transitioning to cloud-based SAP running on AWS to provide necessary resilience and scalability,
– removing the need, going forward, for expensive, bespoke SAP development.

The webinar features insights from Vaidya Aiyer, CEO of Pillir, Saurov Sarkar of AWS, and Ravi Pendurthi, MD of Archean Group, each providing their own side of their experiences. Hosted by Joe Green, writer here on Tech Wire Asia and host of the Tech Means Business podcast, the webinar (available on-demand, see below), showed how Pillir worked together with AWS to help the enterprise produce a roadmap for the future which allows:

– use of a development environment that runs on top of SAP,
– apps to be created and spun out according to business need at unprecedented speed,
– new levels of efficiency and innovation with the most reliable cloud provision,
– practical business applications that work off- or online and function perfectly in highly challenging industrial environments.

To experience the webinar for yourself, sign up below. Additionally, get in contact with Pillir and AWS in the first instance to find out how digital transformation can empower your business’s future.

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