Winning ways to migrate SAP on Oracle to AWS

If your company or organization is considering a move to the cloud as part of its overall digitization journey, then the webinar that streamed live on this site recently should be a significant part of your considerations. Featuring AWS and Minfy Technologies (AWS Partner Network Consulting Partner of the Year 2020), the webinar takes a deep dive into the why’s, how’s and wherefore’s of the process.

There are plenty of reasons to move your SAP infrastructure to an agile, scalable AWS deployment, including:

– Reduction of both infrastructure and spend-per-user costs.
– The ability to scale quickly and without retooling.
– Reaping the performance benefits that the AWS cloud brings.
– Strengthening security and reliability requirements..

The webinar features David Payne, Head of Enterprise Applications and Database for AWS in ASEAN, Nageswararao Nannapaneni (AKA “NNR”), SAP Practice Head at Minfy Technologies, the CIO of Essel Mining & Industries, Sourav Das. It is hosted by Joe Green, technology journalist and presenter of the Tech Means Business podcast.

Essel Mining (part of the US$44bn Aditya Birla Group) chose Minfy as their migration partner to move a legacy stack comprising SAP running on AIX 6.1 and Oracle DB 11.2.02 to an AWS provision of Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.8 and Oracle DB 11.2.04. The combination of Minfy know-how and AWS global infrastructure provided a seamless transition to the new operating model with an operational downtime of only six hours.

The webinar shows that a transition to AWS can be achieved whichever version of SAP is currently running in your environment. The speakers each share their perspectives on the project, from initial pain-points caused by legacy provisions, right through to how desired outcomes of low latency, data responsiveness, and low compute costs were achieved.

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With SAP running on Oracle in an AWS environment, Essel Mining can now focus on strategic imperatives and relieve much of the burden of maintaining and scaling closed-loop architectures of legacy, on-premise hardware. SAP on AWS ensures that the business-critical system has the support and capability that it needs, and Essel Mining & Industries can rely on data integrity, system reliability, elasticity, and security in the future.

As a highly-accredited AWS Partner, Minfy has helped 750+ organizations like yours to make the transition to the AWS cloud. Find out how you can join them.

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