How Conga helps companies digitise and transform electronic signatures, quotes and contracts

Digital transformation can have great benefits for many organisations. Solutions to streamline key business processes through digitisation and automation can create gains in efficiency and effectiveness that drive growth. Taken as a whole, any company can accelerate change, better leverage resources and deploy quick, customer-centric yet fully-compliant solutions for internal stakeholders as well as customers.

Finding the best approach to digital transformation that achieves these goals is easier said than done. Many companies approach the process by implementing multiple point products, each addressing as a separate part of their organisation’s activities.

The devil lies in the details: One crucial component is enabling each of the chosen digitisation tools to work well with each other. Often, organisations that take this approach are swapping manual, repetitive processes (that waste resources) for digital solutions.  Taken as a whole, they don’t integrate well and add unneeded complexity that wastes resources.

The difference that the Conga Commercial Operations Suite offers is coherence. From the essential quotes, to contracts and documents that drive commerce, all in the areas where both internal customers — or stakeholders — and B2B customers interact. Conga’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solutions offer coherent, streamlined integrations for these key components of the revenue process. This type of digital enabling was once only the remit of very large enterprises. However, with Conga, all sizes of business can now be more efficient and work securely at scale.

Contracting for efficiency and speed, while controlling for risk

Essential to any company are its contracts and legal agreements. They are central to the sales process, extend to human resources, procurement, and across organisations. Legal departments prioritise carefully reviewing every agreement before a sale closes; sales teams want the ability to close deals quickly. Companies need to strike a balance between these concerns, while also remaining compliant. Contract lifecycle management systems from Conga offer an end-to-end solution that creates efficiency and compliance, satisfying the needs of all teams involved in the contracting process. As well as minimising future risk, the platform also speeds up internal processes — ones that consume significant time and resources.

Source: Conga

Pulling it together

Contracts between partners are critical yet everyday documents. With Conga, the workforce no longer needs to spend so much time on assembling elements and then ensuring the detail is right.

With centrally-controlled policies, Conga users can leverage data from discrete systems, such as legacy CRM, to create accurate quotes and contracts based on that data. Contracts are authored with methods that adhere to defined best-practice — there’s little chance of users making mistakes.

By integrating with secure eSignature technology, internal sign-offs at multiple levels of responsibility, and final customer approvals are expedited. Version control at each step creates a canonical audit trail, so the business has a legal record of every step of the transaction.

Practical integration

In a software vendor’s ideal world, every deployment of its platform would be on greenfield sites – the real world is a more complicated place. Every organisation has its processes and systems, and there is existing technology that supports these.

As a single example, Salesforce drives many organisations, and so integrating CPQ, eSignatures and Contract Lifecycle Management platforms mean complementing and supporting (perhaps extending) what’s already there, on the ground.

Conga’s long experience with Salesforce installations means that its offerings extend this industry standard. Combining Salesforce and Conga solutions, companies are able to create a bespoke environment that enables them to turn around business faster.

In previous articles here on Tech Wire Asia, we’ve looked in detail at Conga Composer and its positive effects on the daily working lives of many people, from the sales floor and beyond.

With the broader Conga Commercial Operations Suite, this type of integrated, efficient and digital toolset is helping companies in New Zealand and Australia to accelerate their growth speeds, cut costs and better utilise the solutions in which they have already invested.

To learn more about the practical benefits the robust yet adaptable solutions that Conga offers, speak to a representative from the company today.