Making content the basis for pro-level customer experiences, with Dialogue Wise

Today’s challenge for businesses is to provide customers or users the quality of experiences they expect. Standards are being set and improved upon daily by large enterprises with seemingly infinite resources, and it’s increasingly more difficult for the smaller players to keep up. What is considered an excellent customer experience seems to take an enormous amount of software development, content creation, hand-coding, and a production pipeline that pushes updates 24/7.

That’s the scenario that Dialogue Wise is set to change. It provides a platform into which an organization can place its assets: text, images, media, marketing messages, and rich, impactful content of all sorts. That content can then be served out to multiple websites, apps, IoT devices, specially-crafted microsites, and more — all without dedicating resources to handcraft and hone content for each use-case.

Your marketing, re-imagined

For a smaller company, even a modest campaign to promote a seasonal event can soak up a year’s-worth of resources. But with Dialogue Wise’s smart, headless CMS, both developers and content makers alike can create once, and publish many times. To get a message out across multiple channels used to be a process that would take weeks of planning and perhaps months of media versioning in preparation. Banner advertisements, mid-page units, microsites, and in-app pop-ups all need specifically crafted content, according to their published size and the context. country or channel in which they appear.

Source: Dialogue Wise

Dialogue Wise’s CMS provides the correct content in the right formats and languages, altering messages across rich media content on-the-fly. For content creators, all the intricate and time-consuming repurposing is done for them. And for development teams, having assets flow into apps or complex web applications is a simple matter. Dialogue Wise’s back end speaks the languages developers do — there are dedicated SDKs and open APIs that fit existing development methods and schema. Development teams no longer need to request multiple versions of an asset for different contexts, and content creators can update and push new media without logjams caused by work backing up on developers’ to-do lists.

Multi-channel E-commerce

The ways that large enterprises can present a single vision of their brand has been a source of jealousy among smaller businesses. Of course, the enterprise-scale organization has enterprise-scale budgets. But thanks to the power of automation and software, even complex customer journeys can now be overseen in some detail by startups, small companies, and even one-man-bands.

This is possible because the Dialogue Wise platform can supply context-savvy content at scale. For example, an e-commerce website can be updated to show changed prices, new imagery, special time-limited offers, and more, in accordance with a social media campaign, for example. The platform even uses sentiment analysis to make sure that the right messages are pushed to the right people.

The same content, repurposed in the back end in real-time hits Facebook, multiple online stores, the company app, and even IoT devices like in-store electronic display boards. Calls to the Dialogue Wise APIs can come from numerous sources and can always pull the right content for purpose — and do it all safely and securely.

Source: Dialogue Wise

In the office, staff only need to update once for new messages or information to be published everywhere. This capability is what separates the average from the superb customer experience. People interacting with your brand get context-aware messaging and media, giving a professional sheen that’s enterprise-class for any organization, regardless of size.

The secret sauce in the code

Whether you use in-house developers or outsource to trusted partners, development teams hit the ground running with Dialogue Wise. There is extensive documentation on how code of different flavors and languages can dynamically interact with the Dialogue Wise back end, with simple yet secure calls to APIs in most languages in everyday use, like Flutter, Dart, Gatsby, and .NET. Any applications will find Dialogue Wise an easy integration, plus there is support for Next JS, React, and Vue JS (even Node JS).

For many businesses, the Dialogue Wise repositories help them bring together multiple data silos, and centralizing all assets creates a single point of brand identity as the company grows. Instead of disparate, confusing messages and customer experiences that are fractured and at odds with one another, even the smallest player in a competitive market can punch above its weight alongside the global multinationals.

With capabilities that form the basis for a fully multi-lingual, context-specific content engine, getting Dialogue Wise is a positive giant leap forward for business.