3G delays in Thailand

The Bangkok Post:

The Bureau of the Royal Household has returned for further review the names of the four new members of the seven-member National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) board to the Cabinet Secretariat.

The review is to double-check the qualifications of the nominees before seeking royal endorsement. Col Natee Sukolrat, one of the nominees, is currently under investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The move by the Royal Household is sure to further delay the planned auction of third-generation (3G) licences in the 2.1GHz spectrum expected in the second quarter of this year.

A source said the Royal Household Bureau refused to forward the names of the four new members earlier appointed by the Senate to the King for endorsement after a former executive of CAT Telecom, Thamnoon Julamaneechoti, submitted a petition to the Administrative Court and the Royal Household Bureau against the nominees because of the NACC investigation.

Mr Thamnoon first petitioned the Administrative Court to suspend the Senate’s NTC appointments. But the court rejected that petition, leading him to the Royal Household.

BP: Natee has an interesting history. He was of course, Gen. Saprang’s* choice for TOT President back in 2007, who replaced someone who refused to dole out money as part of the CNS slushfund – see also this story here. Even ASTV Manager criticized Gen. Saprang over what happened at TOT. Anyone know who choose Natee this time around?

btw, there is a separate question on the role of the Bureau here, but well……

*Yes, that Gen. Saprang.

h/t PPT