Google’s smart China decision

In the past, we here in the ShadowLands have been critical of Google’s complicity in the Great Firewall of China . 

So credit where credit is due – their decision to take on the Chinese regime, and probably lose their Chinese business in the process, is to be applauded.  


However, will it be really such a bad business decision in the long run?


Who here thinks that China will still be a communist dictatorship in 20 years time?


Not me, for one. A lot can happen in a short time. Take for example, the eastern bloc in Europe, where no fewer than 20 countries threw off the shackles of communism in a period of about three years, from 1989 -1992.


History shows that big things happen in short spaces of time, and in my opinion, China is a short-priced favourite to experience that kind of change over the next decade or so.


Although at present, it seems that China is experiencing unending economic growth, this simply cannot continue, because it never does.


My bet is that a democratic revolution will occur in China at some stage when the economy starts heading in the wrong direction, probably within the next decade. A large factor in this will be an increasingly educated, empowered and internationalised middle class who understand their human rights.


If the current Chinese regime has any smarts at all – and I don’t think they are particularly stupid – they will get the ball rolling themselves before this happens.


When this occurs, Google can either be remembered as the dupes who went along with every whim of the regime, or as an ethical modern corporation that made a stand. Whichever portal replaces Google in China will surely become the internet equivalent of the Trabant, while those in the know will find ways to get their information.  


And when the time is right, Google can expect to be welcomed back to a new and improved China that is ready to fully engage with them, and the rest of the world.

  (Thanks to minicapt for the heads up.)