Politician wants arrest of hackers who insulted Kim Jong-il

Original article in Korean is at this link.

Kim Yong-seok, Seoul city council member, sparked controversy when he said that “we must punish the netizens who hacked the North Korean website Uri Minzok Kiri (우리민족끼리) and placed writings on it insulting Kim Jong-il.”

Kim Yong-seok, Seoul city council member of the Democratic Party, wrote on his personal blog on January 8 that “the Chosun Ilbo reported that netizens hacked a North Korean website. Can we just freely access North Korean websites? It’s a violation of the National Security Law… The National Security Law singles out people who access North Korean sites and there should be an investigation.”

Internet users left over 1,700 ocmments, including those who said that “whether you’re an enemy or an ally, is it right that the NSL gives aid to enemies and harm to Korea? Doesn’t the National Security Law apply to people who talk like you?”, “in Africa wives act like wives… that’s really appropriate”, “wouldn’t it be better for the NSL not to punish those who criticize North Korea?”, “who is the National Security Law supposed to be for?” and “if the law concentrates on form over substance, is it really law anymore? What was the purpose of the security law?”

On January 5 Netizens at DC Inside hacked the website of Uri Minzrok Kiri and put writings on it insulting Kim Jong-il in response to having suffered a DDoS attack by North Korea. The writings consisted of a cartoon published in the 독립신문 in September 2010 under the title “the installation of the crown prince of Chosun”.

The 독립신문 (“Independent Newspaper”) reports that the website in question was down for a while with an “under construction” message. The link also shows (I think) the cartoon that the hackers put up.