Video games in Tokyo urinals to make peeing less boring

Sega, the video game company responsible for the horribly underrated Dreamcast console, has created a way for the men of Tokyo to alleviate their fifteen 15 seconds of boredom while they stand in front of the urinal.

toylet 500x333 Video Games in Tokyo Urinals to Make Peeing Less Boring picture

Introducing “Toylets,” a revolutionary new video game you play with your stream of urine. Currently testing in the Akihabara, Soga, and Ikebukuro metro areas of Tokyo, the Toylet utilizes a pressure sensor which responds to your stream of urine. Attached to the urinal is an LCD screen used to select one of four mini-games to play while you bleed the lizard.

So what about the games? Well, my personal favorite is the hilariously named “Battle! Milk From Nose!” which involves trying to beat the last person at the urinal in a game of “who can pee the hardest to make milk come out of your nose.” Next to this is the hilariously named “Mannekin Pis,” which is another game that measures how hard you pee. If you ask me, those two games are biased in favor of those who REALLY have to pee.

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