An Easier Way to Find Flight Information in Indonesia

Finding flight information has never been that easy for Indonesians. Usually, most will need to search through several websites provided by airlines, the airports and their management partners. Seeing this as an opportunity, and inspired by Mobiata’s Flightboard app, Trustudio or 3Trust has launched an Android app named Indonesia Flightboard.

Data and information are obtained from official web sites which already hit 25 airports by now.

This four-starred app is currently at version is 1.1.1, with the latest update last January 12. The app requires Android 2.1 (a.k.a. Éclair) and up. Similar to majority of Android apps, we can get it for free. Users will able to see flight schedules in flight board styles as we see in the airport, switch across airports, and even the type of domestic and international flights. Both arrival and departure information are available. Users can also use the app to check for weather information, and share flight information to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Observing hundred of reviews mentioned in the web sites, a number of users don’t realize that because the data and information are properties of respective airports, the developer is not responsible for inaccuracies and redundancies as mentioned in the app’s disclaimer. The app only streams information directly from the airports.

The developer is reportedly working on cleaning up airport data, in particular by removing airport information if the data feed is no longer available. Likewise, airports with newly-enabled data feeds will be added. At the moment, Indonesia Flightboard already delivers support for Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0.x) with additional, advanced sharing features.