Best Global Brands of 2011 Include Apple as Fastest Riser

Coke is the most valuable brand in the world for 2011. What’s the most valuable technology brand in 2011? The temptation to answer “Apple” is too high. I can understand. But it’s not Apple, but IBM which was the top technology brand of 2011. However, Apple takes the honor for being the fastest rising brand in terms of brand value.

IBM is immediately followed by Microsoft and Google. Intel is placed at seventh position. Apple is placed at the eighth position. HTC has entered the top 100 list for the very first time.

The brand results are from Interbrand which rates global brands on five parameters. Interbrand’s rankings sums up brand value from Financial Performance, Brand Strength and Role of the brand.

Here’s the formula that Interbrand uses to arrive at the brand value :

24 of the Top 100 brands are technology brands

I have plucked out just the technology brands and ranked them in that order. I have also included the ranking of the brand in the Global 100 list. For example : Samsung is ranked ninth in the technology list but its rank in the Global 100 is 17.

Most valuable technology brands of 2011

  1. IBM (2)
  2. Microsoft (3)
  3. Google (4)
  4. Intel (7)
  5. Apple (8)
  6. HP (10)
  7. Cisco (13)
  8. Nokia (14)
  9. Samsung (17)
  10. Oracle (20)
  11. Amazon (26)
  12. Canon (33)
  13. Sony (35)
  14. Ebay (36)
  15. Philips (41)
  16. Dell (43)
  17. Accenture (45)
  18. Nintendo (48)
  19. Blackberry (56)
  20. Xerox (57)
  21. Panasonic (69)
  22. Yahoo (76)
  23. Adobe (80)
  24. HTC (98)


Apple has seen the biggest jump in its overall brand value. It has gained 58% over its 2010 valuation. It  has also improved upon its 2010 ranking of #17 to current ranking of #8. Apple’s 58% brand value jump is the biggest jump by any brand in the top 100, and the next biggest jump was Amazon’s 32% followed by Google’s 27%.


Meanwhile, Nokia and Nintendo are the biggest losers of all. These companies each lost 15% of their brand value from 2010 to 2011. Nokia fell from a 2010 ranking of #8 to a ranking of #14. Sony lost 13% of its brand value, while Yahoo! lost 11%. Blackberry lost 5%.

Where’s Facebook and Twitter?

The study considers publicly held companies only, though, so this excludes companies that don’t trade in the public stock market. So how much is the Facebook brand valued? We’ll get to know this once Facebook eventually pushes through with its long-pending and much awaited IPO. Come 2013, it’s likely that Facebook will be up there in the top 20.

Asian brands

Samsung is the highest ranked Asian brand in the list. Canon, Sony, Nintendo, Panasonic and HTC are the other Asian technology brands in the list. You can check out the full list at Interbrand.