China’s Telecom to Offer iPhone 4S Soon

After sales of the iPhone 4S was postponed in Apple’s retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai two weeks ago due to large crowds, we have another iPhone-related piece of news in China, but this time it’s a good one). China Telecom, the country’s third-largest mobile network, has just been granted the CDMA-2000 network access license from China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center. Likewise, thei Phone 4S WCDMA model was approved by the China Radio Management for use on China Telecom’s network.

Apple's iPhone 4S will reportedlylaunch with a second carrier, China Telecom, soon

The WCDMA iPhone 4S model is rumored launch in a matter of weeks. Apple will be every excited, not merely because of the latent potential of the Chinese market (the demand was described as “incredible”), but they will be able to sell the phones to a broader audience. An additional 100 million subscribers as estimated, through additional (China Telecom) stores.

The iPhone 4S is currently being sold in China through China Unicom, the second-largest wireless carrier in the country (and currently the sole iPhone 4S carrier), as well as through Apple’s online store and their Authorized Resellers. The iPhone 4S made the record for being the fastest iPhone rollout ever by being available in more than 90 countries worldwide. Online ordering is likewise available in China, with subscribers getting free smartphones in exchnge for a multi-year agreement.

A two-year contract at 386 yuan (US$ 62) per month makes a user eligible for a free 16GB iPhone 4S, while a three-year agreement at 286 yuan (US$ 46) per month gets one a free 32GB model.

Even though the iPhone is considered a premium product in China, initial stocks of the smartphone have already sold out, as reported by several mass media. Meanwhile, China’s biggest carrier, China Mobile, is not likely to support the iPhone 4S as yet, due to their different mobile network requirements.