Japan’s KDDI Launches Psychedelic Android Phones

KDDI au, Japan’s second biggest carrier, has launched five Android smartphones which are irresistible and psychedelic. I haven’t seen anything like these before. I’m not an Android phone but for these KDDI babies, I might as well become one.

Launched as a part of a new line-up called Infobar C01, these phones come in three different combinations. And here’s how they look :

My favorite is the simple black and white combination. The specifications on these phones are great too.

These phones come with a 3.2 inch screen touch screen with 854 x 480 pixel resolution, 8 MP CMOS camera, eWallet functionality, Digital TV Tuner, USB and microSDHC ports, Bluetooth, WiFi. All of this is packed in with a weight of 106g.

The main reason KDDI was able to go with different color combinations is that it brought the keypad back. In this age of 4-inch touchscreens, looking at a colorful keypad is quite refreshing. With the sleek and slender design, it looks as if all you might need is a 3.2 inch screen.

KDDI has re-worked the UI to suit the form factor. The phone has Android 2.3 Gingerbread underpinnings, with the UI tweaked to work better with the physical keyboard. You probably won’t miss the vanilla Android UI that much.

In an age where every touchscreen phone looks the same, this is one phone which is bound to get everybody’s attention. Has it got yours?

Via TechCrunch