New Year, New App: Let’s Play With Chinese Zodiac Signs

Legends and mythology play an important role in Chinese culture, especially in relation to its Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao in Chinese. One of the most well-known legends states that Buddha invited the animals to participate in a race. The prize was a coveted position on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. The first 12 animals to cross the river would appear on the calendar in the order in which they completed the race.

The other legend tells about invitations to all the animals to attend a grand feast. They were all invited to join Buddha in a birthday, a New Year or a celebration for his departure from this world. Only twelve animals showed up at the festivities, and these ended up being featured on the calendar. To help smartphone users deal with the good and bad traits related to their Chineze Zodiac year, multi-platform mobile game developer Hiratte Software Solution has created the Chinese Zodiac BlackBerry app, which will give predictions and advice based on your Zodiac animal. After all, who doesn’t want to live a happy and prosperous life?

In the most ancient system of customs and beliefs existed for centuries in China, each animal represents different personalities and characteristics. The Zodiac animal is believed to influence a person’s traits, success, and happiness in one’s lifetime.

The app itself will convert your Gregorian calendar date of birth to the Chinese lunar date of birth. The app will then determine out your animal sign and will give an assessment of your personality, health, career, and relationship, and lucky stuff (month, season, gems colors, numbers, and even flowers).  You can also find your ideal job, and which other Zodiac sign is most compatible with you for relationships. You also get a prediction of fortunes that await you this coming year.

Whether or not you believe in Chinese mythology, the Zodiac has amazed and entertained people around the globe for thousands of years. So start finding out your sign and have some fun with the different Zodiac apps out there! Happy new year!