Singapore’s Stream Media Launches Applorer Gamebox

Singapore startup Stream Media Pte Ltd unveiled another project called Applorer Gamebox. The application aims to deliver the coolest Android games with payment options catered to the Asian market. Users can download and install the latest or most popular Android games, apps and tools.

Applorer Gamebox user interface Android application Android Marketplace Stream Media Applorer Gamebox

Applorer Gamebox user interface

Stream Media has a working relationship with popular game developer Electronic Arts (EA), and users can now buy some of their favorite EA games with Stream Media’s in-app payment solution, MoVend. Gamebox offers plenty of free games, but providing EA games that were previously unavailable to Asian customers is a big edge that Gamebox brings to fore (currently available to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia).  Stream Media plans to expand Gamebox in-app purchasing to China, Korea and Japan, having just concluded an agreement with China’s Alipay. Currently, customers can make in-app purchases using MOney OnLine (MOL) Points, Cherry Credits or PayPal — far more options than credit-card-centric Google Checkout in Android Market.

There are mixed reviews on the application so far, as expected from any new application.  There are some kinks that need ironing out for specific Android devices, but on the  Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, Applorer Gamebox performs commendably. The downside is downloading the app from the Android Market. In particular Applorer Gamebox cannot be found in Android Market from the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Downloading and installing on Motorola Milestone from Market is not a problem, though.

Better Than Android Market?

The user interface is clean and straightforward. Swiping through the different categories is faster than clicking tabs on Market.  The Surprise Me button is fun to use if users can’t make up their minds. Users will see some of the popular apps from Android Market, but the big draw are the EA games, and Applorer Gamebox had a 50% sale on EA games last December. Gamebox uses its own credits system called MoVend Credits (MC), which subscribers can top up instantly with MOL, Cherry Credits or PayPal. But there’s no need to part with your money just yet, because there are more than enough  free games, apps and tools to play with.

Stream Media is a mobile payment and inventory management company. Its flagship product, MoVend, not only facilitates payment for mobile applications, it also acts as go-between for budding app developers with limited to no exposure in the market. Stream Media offers developers a chance to feature their games and apps on Applorer Gamebox through a sign up process. Developers can then avail of the payment back-end and take advantage of the multiple payment options. MoVend works on multiple platforms, including Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.  Stream Media released international roaming and dialing applications for Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) as well as a puzzle game (Chinese Zodiac Puzzle) in Android Market.