Sony Ericsson SmartWatch: Android on Your Wrist

It would be a great thing to be able to access our smartphones’ features without actually having to take it outside of our pockets or purses. With the ability to connect to any Android devices via Bluetooth 3.0, Sony’s latest SmartWatch gives users the ability to read texts and emails, find weather ifnormation, see caller incoming call information, accept and reject calls, update social network statuses, and even purchase apps from Android Market through mini-apps.

Sony SmartWatch in Various Colour

Known for its creative products, Sony presented this watch with a scratch- and splash-proof multi-touch screen as part of their Smart Extras for Xperia smartphones. It has a clip like the iPod Nano, which can be used to attach the device onto a shirt or bag strap. Or,users can purchase an optional watchband — available in several colors (pink, mint, blue, white, grey and black) — and wear it on the wrist as a watch. Unfortunately, the  SmartWatch does not have a speaker or headphone jack, which might have been useful for listening to music through Bluetooth. This successor to the Sony Ericsson LiveView firstly announced in 2010 is predicted to make its debut by end of March with a price of around US$ 150.

The device, which is quite like the Motorola MOTOACTV is compatible with smartphones running Android v2.1+, and comes with a compact, multi-touch color OLED. As the SmartWatch comes with an accelerometer, it can be controlled through various gestures and swipes.  It will also work with other Android devices, through an app named LiveWare, which also manages apps that work with the platform. The SmartWatch can run for two to four days on a single charge (with the screen off when inactive).

AS per Sony’s booth in last week’s CES 2012, 15 pre-installed apps are available at launch, and the SmartWatch can store up to 255 apps. These apps will be displayed four at a time in a grid pattern.