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Australia’s Isentia Group acquires big data and analytics company China Newswire

FOR weeks, we’ve heard about Chinese companies extending their reach and aggressively investing in or acquiring foreign companies. Australian media intelligence firm has turned the tables with its acquisition of China Newswire, marking its expansion into the region.

The Sydney-based content distribution and media analytics technology company closed the deal with China Newswire at the end of 2016. Staff and China Newswire clients were given notifications on January 5.

China Newswire specializes in media syndication and big data, claiming to reach 30,000 media outlets, journalists, social media writers, and web influencers. They also offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content marketing and content syndication services, reports FUTURES.

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Danny Levinson, CEO of the Shanghai-based company, will assume the role of Asian regional director at Isentia, where he will work alongside the executive team to further its content and distribution reach across Asia.

Isentia has already been operating in China for over 25 years with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong through a number of other acquisitions, according to China Money Network. China Newswire is a younger business and has been operating for about 10 years.

Isentia’s acquisition is strategic, coming at a time when the media sector including content distribution, influencer outreach, and media analytics is experiencing consolidation in the Asian region over several years.