Job seekers in India have been increasingly looking for AI-related jobs recently, according to a new report. Source: Shutterstock

Job seekers in India have been increasingly looking for AI-related jobs recently, according to a new report. Source: Shutterstock

Why are job seekers in India increasingly looking for AI jobs?

MORE and more companies are seeking talent specializing in tech to be on their payroll in the digital age, causing demand for data science, network architecture, and data science skills to skyrocket.

The shortage of talent is only expected to increase in coming years, as future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning become more common in enterprises.

The talent crunch, however, has been especially alarming in India.

Interestingly, according to a new report, there has been a spike in the searches for AI-related jobs in India and “data scientist” has become the most sought after position.

Based on the data gathered by the global job hunting site Indeed, there has been a 179 percent increase in the number of searches on AI-related positions by potential candidates between June of 2016 to 2018.

The rise in the searches indicates that Indian companies are ramping up the integration of future technologies to their core business functions as part of their digital transformation strategy, creating the need high skilled talents.

Indeed India Director Venkata Machavarapu said that firms, irrespective of what industry they belong to, are taking a “technology-forward” approach. Hence, the workforce has to be re-skilled and upskilled to support that.

“Our focus needs to be not only on finding talent with the right skills but also on equipping existing employees with the required skills to work with AI-powered solutions,” he added.

At the moment, the demand for AI-related professional is almost double the supply of qualified talents in the market, which points towards a growing need for a comprehensive skills development in the area.

One key sector that is driving the growth in AI application is the automotive sector where companies are looking to leverage AI for their data management, analytics, and programming.

India ranks third in terms of AI application after the US and China in AI integration in the automotive sector, which reveals that India is bold in venturing into AI and continuously seeking ways to improve and optimize its current manufacturing operations.

Meanwhile, the most searched job profiles were data scientist, software engineer, and machine learning engineer.

The current crunch, however, is excellent news for AI specialists. Qualified candidates now have the leverage to seek higher pay and will have more options for their place of employment.