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Dell Technologies introduce APEX data storage services in Singapore

  • APEX Data Storage Services offers industry-leading storage with simple pricing and performance options, delivered as-a-Service and managed by Dell Technologies
  • Organizations in Singapore can easily procure and scale data storage services through the APEX Console
  • Referral and hosting opportunities available for Dell Technologies channel partners in Singapore, offering simplified IT to customers

Data storage is key for businesses today. In Southeast Asia, businesses need to ensure they have sufficient data storage capabilities, especially with data growing exponentially and cybersecurity concerns on the horizon.

With demand for enterprise storage increases, storage-as-a-Service is now becoming an answer for most businesses. In fact, Gartner states that by 2024, over 50% of newly deployed storage capacity will be sold as-a-Service or on a subscription basis, up from less than 15% in 2020.

As such, Dell Technologies announces the expansion of APEX Data Storage Services (APEX DSS) with new availability in Singapore. The expansion will allow organizations in Singapore to deploy Dell-managed enterprise storage as-a-Service. Singapore is one of 14 countries that now have APEX Data Storage Services availability.

APEX DSS delivers the industry’s leading enterprise storage portfolio as-a-Service. Through a cloud experience, customers pay for the storage capacity they use and can scale at the service level they need with infrastructure owned and maintained by Dell.

The portfolio includes APEX File Services, which now offers object-enabled capabilities with support for the S3 protocol, expanding storage use cases to include cloud-native application development without the need to copy data. This approach allows customers to transform applications for greater agility and control.

How APEX Data Storage Services works

Based on capacity options, organizations can select from three performance tiers for APEX Block and File Services. The data storage resources can be procured through the APEX Console, a web-based tool that provides a single, seamless experience for customers to navigate their cloud and as-a-Service journey.

Businesses can monitor capacity, performance, and usage costs in real-time, and update their subscriptions as needed. A recent Dell-commissioned Forrester Consulting study on APEX DSS showed organizations significantly reduce storage planning and provisioning costs while improving the efficiency of storage professionals.

According to Andy Sim, organizations in Singapore increasingly seek a consumption-based model when it comes to storage as it offers more flexibility and scalability. With APEX DSS, organizations will be given complete oversight of storage resources. This will allow Dell Technologies to better support businesses in Singapore customers on their Storage-as-a-Service decisions and partner with them to simplify their storage needs.

Channel partners are also expected to benefit from APEX as it enables them to offer organizations flexible and simplified IT solutions. With APEX DSS expanded availability, Dell Technologies Solution Providers and Storage Authorised Distributors in Singapore are able to earn incentives when selling these solutions on a referral basis. Cloud Service Provider partners also can host enhanced APEX DSS on behalf of customers.

Apart from APEX DSS, Dell Technologies is also building on its data protection cloud offerings. The company will extend its storage portfolio with Project Alpine. This effort will bring the software IP of Dell’s flagship block and file storage platforms to leading public clouds. Organizations will be able to purchase storage software as a managed service using existing cloud credits, taking advantage of a consistent storage experience from on-premises to public clouds and easily sharing data across multiple clouds.