Xsolla’s global expansion: Streamlining game purchases with innovative payment solutions

Source – Xsolla

Xsolla expands into Malaysia, streamlining game purchases with innovative payment solutions

  • Leading global video game commerce company, Xsolla, opens its largest office globally in Malaysia.
  • Malaysia is the third-largest market in Asia and offers many opportunities for growth in the gaming industry.

The gaming industry has seen a surge in growth over recent years, particularly in the Asia-10 region. It is projected that this region’s PC and mobile game market will generate US$ 35.9 billion in 2022 and reach US$ 41.4 billion by 2026. A significant contributor to this growth is the increasing popularity of mobile gaming and the expansion of the e-sports industry. Along with this growth, there is increasing demand for innovative and seamless payment solutions in the gaming industry.

Niko Partners define Asia-10 as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, and India.

Companies like Xsolla offer many monetization solutions, including payment processing, fraud prevention, and user account management, to help developers and gamers easily purchase and access their favorite games. To expand its services to even more game companies worldwide, Xsolla has opened its largest office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The move will help the company to offer its innovative products to an even broader audience.

Who Xsolla is, and how its payment system works with a game.

“We’ve worked with thousands of companies worldwide, from very large to very small companies like Roblox, Electronic Arts (EA) and many more,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “We work with them to help them with the commerce of their video games. And part of that means that we develop technologies and solutions that help these companies go directly to the consumer worldwide.”

Xsolla’s global expansion: Streamlining game purchases with innovative payment solutions

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla (Source – Xsolla)

Xsolla has developed various technologies to help companies with the commerce of their video games. One of these technologies is the payment system, which includes a Payments API that can be integrated into a game or any part of a game’s commerce, whether on a website, in-game or elsewhere. This API grants access to over 700 different payment methods in over 200 regions globally. This is crucial as it helps Xsolla’s partners access the most players possible and get their games in players’ hands everywhere.

Xsolla also boasts great anti-fraud technology. The company tailors its technology to the video game industry and actively understand players’ spending behaviors. This commitment allows Xsolla to minimize the amount of false or fraudulent transactions that can hinder a company’s business. Less fraud means higher margins for companies that work with Xsolla. The company also handles customer support and customer service, acting as the merchant. If players have an issue with their transaction, they can reach out to Xsolla, and the company will handle the situation.

“We have a whole host of other solutions and technologies. We help with subscriptions and websites, while also developing new things, getting into the world of Web 3.0, NFTs, metaverse, and regulated payments, all important things for the new and growing creator economy. That is all part of this trend that we see game companies developing direct relationships with their players,” added Hewish.

What does the expansion mean for Xsolla?

According to Hewish, Xsolla chose to open an office in Malaysia due to its rapidly growing gaming market and strong gaming ecosystem. Malaysia is the third-largest market in Asia and offers many opportunities for growth in the gaming industry. Furthermore, the market and appetite for games are strong, featuring a thriving e-sports scene. The country also boasts a talented workforce, making it an ideal location for Xsolla’s office.

“Additionally, the support from MDEC and the government’s initiative to grow games as an industry was also important to us. We wanted to be in a place where, as the company grows its office, the business will be supported, and the market could grow with it,” he continued.

When asked about expanding to other industries, Hewish said Xsolla focuses highly on the games industry. The company often receives requests to expand to other sectors, but it has always declined. The reason is simple – if Xsolla expands into other sectors, it loses its focus on games. For example, if the company becomes more generalized, it won’t be able to do anti-fraud and customer support well for the games industry.

Hewish also mentioned that being a gamer is a part of Xsolla’s ethos, and the company truly believes in and lives that. Xsolla chooses to stay focused on the games industry and would instead go deeper with its different technologies and grow from there.

“We are making great strides around the world to help our partners market, sell and monetize their games in over 200+ regions,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “As a global company, this office opening will continue our mission of helping our game partners achieve even greater success in this ever-evolving market.”