Abhisit on GT200 device : Yes, they should be tested UPDATE: Additional comments added

UPDATE: Have now seen a video of what Abhisit said at the doorstop interview yesterday. It wasn’t just what he said, but it was how Abhisit said it. He can often get a defiant, stubborn look when he has made up his mind. He seemed fairly emphatic he was wanting to test the device. It was also how he emphasised the tests of the device abroad.

At first glance, it is change from his position a week ago as The Nation reports:

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday said he supported all plans to put the GT200 through scientific tests in the midst of growing doubts about its efficiency.

Abhisit said he would raise the matter at today’s Cabinet meeting and ask agencies using the device to conduct tests that are acceptable to the general public.

“There should be an experiment and if it doesn’t work, we must stop using it,” he said.

Abhisit said yesterday he agreed the device should be tested because the government did not want officials to risk their lives using a device that did not serve its intended purpose.

“It’s dangerous if you think something unworkable is working. So we must test to see whether the device works. We should also discuss what we should do,” he said.

BP: So will the devices be used in the meantime? It does seem we are finally getting some progress on this issue.