BlackBerry SE Asia boss on smartphones, social networking & hitting the mainstream

At the risk of being caught with the RIM kool aid in hand, here’s my final piece from a recent interview with RIM Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Gregory Wade [in addition to pieces for Director and CNNGo.]

Gregory spoke at length about a range of topics but I’ve specifically picked out his thoughts on the Thai smartphone market, social networking and the success of BlackBerry.

Questions and Gregory’s responses are below.

– – –

How do you believe social networking has developed in Thailand? 

Thailand’s usage of social networking was proportionally lower than much of Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia, Malaysia – twelve to eighteen months ago. However we’ve seen a dramatic shift and social media is now widely adopted in Thailand.

As a market Thailand is growing in relevance for social networks; from our perspective we’re seeing this with increased demand for usage and social networking applications.

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