Strange but Useful Eco-Inventions

Green Noise
Are you infected with the travel bug? Have you ever traveled by plane? If so, then you are most likely aware of all the noise that can come from an airport—particularly when planes are landing or taking off. Designer Hung-Uei Jou has created the Green Noise. This device traps all that airport noise and then converts the sound energy to electricity. This electricity is then used to power the airport runway lights. No, this doesn’t mean that it will completely eliminate all that noise and you get to have a nice, quiet departure (or arrival) for a change. It simply means all that noise pollution can finally be put to good use.


If you’re more of a homebody, you might be interested in this invention, created by Faltazi. The Ekokook is a kitchen system and so much more. It comes with 3 built-in micro-processing plants, which are used for processing solid materials, recycling organic kitchen waste, and reusing water. To break down the processes a bit further:

All of the non-organic waste is stored in 5 separate units. These units are for processing glass, paper, plastics, metals and miscellaneous waste. You can activate a machine by hand that will break the glass, compress cans and bottles, and shred paper. By using this process onsite, rather than depending on recycling trucks and facilities, you are eliminating the CO2 that would typically be emitted by the trucks and so forth…