Apple iPad Outsells Samsung Galaxy Tab in South Korea, But China a Different Matter

Apple, which makes more money than any of the device makers out there, is winning the tablet race in South Korea. It is outselling Korea’s own Samsung and its Galaxy Tablet. Apple’s iPad is the most desirable tablet in Korea and is now officially out of stock.

Apple has so far sold 1 million iPads in Korea, surpassing Samsung and grabbing a 70-80% market share. The reason for these approximate figures is because Samsung doesn’t release their actual sales numbers.

The smartphone scenario is much different than the tablet scenario, as Samsung rules the smartphone market in Korea. Korea is a country which loves its gadgets and winning in the country is important — more so if it’s your rival’s home country.

When it comes to China, though, Apple doesn’t have the same luck. Not because there is no love for iPad in the country, but there already is an iPad — the brand name — in the country. Proview Technology holds the trademark rights to iPad in the Mainland. In fact Proview has registered “IPAD” in 2001 but sold the rights to rest of the world for 35,000 pounds to Apple. Proview has retained the China’s iPad title for itself, though.

Even with selling iPad trademark for 35000 pounds sounds like a silly move, Proview has delivered a killer punch with its iPad trademark in China. Courts have already ruled in favor of Proview. It’s either Apple has to pay US$ 1.6 billion to Proview or rename iPad to something else in China. Yes, that’s US$ 1.6 billion, and not million.

Now Proview has upped its ante. It has asked authorities to pull iPads from Chinese stores. Proview has also asked Hong Kong’s customs officials to stop importing the venerable tablet from the company with the forbidden fruit logo. As for Apple, it wants to push the envelope and want to sell iPads in China as long as it can.

Apple clearly wants to be in China. I mean, who wouldn’t? China is the hotbed for any technology company and more so for Apple which makes nothing but profits. What would Apple’s next move be? Would it cough up the US$ 1.6 billion? Or would it rename the iPad and end up being another all-too-familiar sounding name in the Shenzen bazaars?

Via The Telegraph, CNet