Digital Greeting App Let’s Greet Bridges SMS & Internet Messaging

How do you send your birthday or holiday greetings these days? Is it through social networks? Or do you still send greeting cards? It’s been years since email overtook snail mail as preferred means of written communication, but the greeting card seems irreplaceable.

The Let's Greet app for Android lets users send greeting cards which recipients can read via SMS, MMS and the Internet.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multi Media Service (MMS) has made sending text-greetings easier. Internet messaging also started to gain traction, and sending an email with an attached greeting card has became a common way to express our feelings and greetings.

The heartwarming gesture of reading an SMS greeting is still unbeaten, though. According to The Business Mirror, people prefer to use SMS to send a greeting message. But the lack of multimedia leaves the medium wanting of more features.

Mobile app Let’s Greet presents SMS greetings that promise to be a new way to reconnect with the people that matters to us most. Even while smartphones are increasing in popularity, there are a lot of people in the world still using features phones. SMS remains one of the widely-used methods of communication among many people.

People can personalize their messages through the dedicated Let’s Greet app, and the greeting card can be sent out using SMS. These digital greeting cards can also be viewed by anyone on any connected device, and not just phones. This gives users more options, such as being able to view pictures and messages embedded in the greeting. This free app bridges the mainstream SMS and the more modern Internet messaging. In short, we can select, personalize, and send digital greeting cards from our smartphone to our recipients, which can either view the message through SMS or online.

The service is free, but upgrade one’s membership to the full version provides more options. Aside from an unlimited choice of greeting cards, premium users can avail of scheduled greetings, reminders and so forth.

The app is currently limited to the Android platform, and requires OS version 2.1 (Eclair) and above.

This app is a must-have for folks who want to deliver customized greeting cards in a variety of media.