Super Android ICS Tablet from Huawei to Challenge iPad 3?

Ever since Android tablets came out in the market, these were considered to be potential “iPad killers.” But the iPad is still going strong in the market, with 70 to 80% market share. Will this new “super-powerful” Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet by Huawei be any different?

Perhaps the closest competitor to the iPad would be Amazon’s Kindle Fire, but it’s mostly marketed as an e-reader for a lower-priced market segment. This is where Amazon seems to have hit it right — it does not compete based on specs and power, but rather by offering a good content ecosystem (which iOS does have, in the first place). Most other Android tablets don’t necessarily give users access to ebooks, merchandise and other content, although they can try to compete in terms of raw specs and functionality.

Recent rumors spoke of an upcoming Huawei 10-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which made the rounds on Sina Weibo. Russian site released leaked images of the said tablet, which was reportedly powerful and feature-packed enough to compete head-on with Apple’s upcoming iPad 3.

The tablet looks somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch, and is supposedly as slim as the iPad 2. The screen display comes in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which translates to a possible 1,920 x 1,080 high-definition display. Sources also say the tablet will come with a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with LED flash. The tablet will have 3G and WiFi connectivity options, and will come with the usual microSD card slot.

One difference from other Android tablets so far is that the Huwaei “super tablet” will be powered by Huawei’s own quad-core┬áHisilicon K3 V2 chipset, running at 1.5 GHz.

Price is estimated at around US$ 670. We will have to wait for Huawei to make a formal announcement about this one. We suppose specs won’t be enough to beat the iPad in its own game, but perhaps if Huawei were to get good content partners and if the price were right, they might have a chance. But for now, it’s the cheap Android tablets that seem to be making a killing in the market.

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Via MIC Gadget