Top Asian Countries in Social Media

Social media is hugely dominated by Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook getting the maximum traction across the world. LinkedIn is the third social network which is popular in some circles. As per a recent study, LinkedIn might be the social network that advertisers want to be on, because it has the maximum chance of getting something read. But that doesn’t take us away from Facebook and Twitter which continue to gain the majority of our mind space.

Facebook User Operations Safety Team workers look at reviews at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011. Recent statistics show that India has surpassed Indonesia to become the top Facebook nation outside the US. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

So how do countries around the world rank when it comes to Twitter and Facebook usage? The US is traditionally in the lead, either because of the greater broadband penetration, or for the simple reason that these companies originated from the US. Facebook has 155 million users from the US and Twitter has 105 million accounts from the US.



As per data from Semiocast, Brazil leads the twitter account race with 34 million accounts. Japan is the top-placed Asian country with close to 30 million Twitter accounts. Indonesia has 19 million accounts, India has 13 million accounts, the Philippines has 7 million accounts, and South Korea has 5 million accounts.

China is missing from the list because Twitter is blocked in the country. If we just take microblogs then China will be surpassing all other countries with half-a-billion microblogging accounts.

As we all know it’s not the number of accounts which really counts, but the number of active accounts. Here’s a chart of the top  20 countries based on active Twitter accounts.

Japan and Indonesia have the most active account percentage. The Philippines and India have the least active account percentage. This means that users in these countries are numerous, but the average tweet activity is far below those from other countries like the Netherlands and Japan.


India, as we have seen yesterday, has surpassed Indonesia to become the top Facebook nation outside the US. India now has 43.49 million Facebook users (or accounts) as per SocialBakers.

Asia as a continent though still lags behind Europe and North America. Asia has 209 million Facebook users, Europe has 226 million users and North America has 218 million users.

Good thing for Asia is its 5.4% penetration which is very less compared to North America’s 41% penetration. A great scope for growth in the coming months. Of course we still have to leave China out.

When it comes to cities, Jakarta tops the rest with 17 million Facebook users. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad are other Asian cities with more than 1 million Facebook users.

Between Facebook and Twitter, India, Indonesia and the Philippines are the top nations by sheer numbers. South Korea which has close to 6 million users on Twitter has 5.7 million users on Facebook. But it has left Korea behind other Asian countries like Thailand, Taiwan and Pakistan.

Asian countries are continuing to surge in the global usage rankings. This is happening partly because of the rise of smartphones and the availability of Facebook and Twitter on feature phones. India has just reported that there are 893 million mobile subscribers in the country. China is inching towards the billion subscriber mark but that’s largely irrelevant when it comes to Facebook and Twitter.

Via Penn-Olson