Vibease To Sell Smartphone-Controlled Vibrators

As I mentioned in my article on the Startup Asia pitches, Vibease should have bagged the US$10K prize at the Startup Arena. This pleasure delivery system for long-distance relationships is now available for pre-orders, and deliveries will go out by July this year.

Vibease, the smartphone-controlled pleasure delivery system is now available for pre-ordering. (Image: Vibease)

Vibease is a remote-controlled vibrator that pairs up with smartphones, allowing one party to control the vibrator via the Vibease application. The couple can share a fantasy clip provided by Vibease (no porn here, just stimulating videos) on their phones while using the vibrator. One partner can also customise the pulsations of the vibrator for a personalized feel.

Vibease is not an ordinary vibrator. Vibease brings your sexual experience to a whole new level. Vibease is the result of our studies and surveys on female orgasm, couples sexual intimacy and what women want! This product is for long distance relationship couples, frequent traveling couples, men who care about his partner biological needs, as well as every woman… Every woman should have orgasm as frequent as men.

The retail price for Vibease is SG$99.99 (US$79.60), but those who place advanced orders can enjoy $20 off if they buy one unit, or get $45 off if they order two units. Those who wish to reserve a unit can pay $19.99 now and top up the balance of $69.99 when the unit is ready for shipping (for a $10 discount). Vibease pre-orders come with free shipping.

For those of you who want to snag a free Vibease, the company is giving away 3 units to supporters who will follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Vibease currently works only on Android phones with Bluetooth, while the iPhone version is still under development.

This company’s presentation caused quite a stir at the Startup Arena this month, with a very animated co-founder Dema Tio giving the pitch and fielding questions. Vibease continues to grow and plans to develop other products as well.

We are a promising team running a hardware + software startup. We have a big vision and we have a greater purpose than just being a vibrator company. We are working hard and thriving to bring innovations for your pleasure and solving the real needs. Vibease is the result of our studies and surveys on female orgasm, couples sexual intimacy and what women want.

The smartphone-controlled vibrators will be featured  at the Launch Conference in San Francisco this March.