Enterprise technology needs to catch up with consumer technology | Source: Pexels

Assessing the impact of enterprise technology

ACCORDING to a new global survey by French IT company Axway of more than 2,600 people, organizations need to focus on making sure new technology projects have the right kind of impact on consumers and their business.

Enterprise technology needs to catch up

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Digital transformations at the enterprise-level failing to make an impact on consumers | Source: Pexels

The survey found that consumers believe that organizations need to keep up with the technology in their personal lives, if they’re to make an impact or improve their lives for the better.

Despite the massive investments and resources deployed to digitally transform enterprises, especially over the past few years, almost 70 percent of respondents felt that technology had a more profound impact on their personal life than on their professional life.

This trend was particularly evident with millennials, with 75 percent of millennials versus 66 percent in older generations stating that their personal lives have been impacted more by technology.

Not everything about technology is great

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Technology has significantly hampered inter-personal skills | Source: Pexels

While 91 percent of respondents said they felt that technology had a positive impact on their lives, 53 percent said that today’s level of interaction with technology is killing the art of good conversation.

Results of the survey also suggested that 40 of respondents believed that technology is making people more impatient and 39 percent said that technology is reducing attention spans.

The results not only impact what businesses do with their technology going forward but also highlight themes that they need to be mindful of when deploying technology targeted at consumers in the future.

Personalization and customization can be creepy

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Companies can use user data to take personalization too far sometimes | Source: Pexels

New technologies capture huge volumes of personal data that organizations use to develop, market and sell their products and services. However, 83 percent of respondents expressed concern about how organizations use their personal data.

53 percent do not like the idea of organizations having their personal information.

In fact, only 27 percent of respondents said they liked it when organizations used their data to personalize products and services.

“In 2017, we saw technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace as innovations such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and augmented reality started to reach the mainstream,” Axway Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Vince Padua said.

“This study reveals that the competitive pressure and digital disruption are increasing, and using the right technology is necessary to gain the upper hand. Looking ahead to 2018, results from this survey will help inform how organizations can leverage technology to provide faster innovation, expand their digital business ecosystems and obtain higher levels of customer experience,” Padua said.