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5 Ways To Know Layoffs Are Coming, And What To Do About It

By now, you’ll know all about tech layoffs. After all, they have been hard to ignore, with acres of coverage devoted to job cuts since the spring of last year. In 2022, 1,045 tech companies made 160,097staff redundant, and the picture is no happier so far this year: already, 105,514 employees have been laid off, according to

The issue has arisen from the fact that many companies over-hired during the pandemic. More workers were needed to support a rise in sales across hardware and software that were a knock-on thanks to the shift in home working. Additionally, ecommerce saw an uptick as physical shops closed.


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Now, revenues have slowed––plus there are wider macro-economic factors to contend with too. Given this context, it is not surprising that in February alone, PayPal, Splunk, Dell, Zoom and Yahoo are just some of the companies that have announced job layoffs.

So how can you predict if a pink slip is coming your way?

1.  You work in a vulnerable job

While plenty of tech jobs have been shed,’s founder Roger Lee says two main departments are experiencing redundancies at a higher level than everyone else, and those are sales and recruiting as well as human resources.

So, if you’re working in a technical function, you’re not immune, but you’re likely to be more insulated. Plus, a lack of experienced tech talent means companies have been raising salaries for IT professionals, with predictions estimating that raises could jump 8% this year.

2.  Things feel off

Are you finding it hard to get a direct answer out of your line manager about layoffs? Has a hush descended over the office, or have you noticed a surge in meetings among senior stakeholders?

All these things can mean that plans are afoot, and they will always start at C-suite level. If the general atmosphere is off and no one is telling you anything, it may be time to polish your resume.

3.  Revenue is down

Another key indicator that layoffs are en route is if your company has announced big losses or has lost a high-revenue customer. If previously standard perks were cut, such as free lunches, gym passes or office snacks, then that’s a clear sign of belt-tightening.

4.  Hiring has stopped

Check to see if your employer is still hiring. Many tech companies had hundreds of open roles available over the past couple of years, but if your company careers pages are suddenly looking a little sparse, warning bells should sound. All companies experience employee churn, but if people who leave aren’t being replaced, then take it as a sign.

5.  Your work is being reassigned

Red flag alert: if projects that would have normally come to you are being assigned elsewhere or you’re noticing a drop-off in your workload due to tasks and priorities being taken off your plate, it may be a sign that your role is about to be made redundant.


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If you’ve noticed several of the above, then it’s time to start thinking about next steps. Edit and update your resume, reach out to your wider network and finesse your professional social media profile, indicating that you’re open to being hired.

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