The future of mobile connectivity is here: Cradlepoint introduces the 5G “router on the roof”

Source – Cradlepoint

Can a 5G router on the roof enhance mobile connectivity?

  • A new class of 5G ruggedized routers combines the functions of a router, antenna, and modem into one device, providing unparalleled deployment versatility and effortless installation.
  • This solution, intended for vehicles and IoT networks, presents a streamlined roof-mounted choice for organizations that demand high-bandwidth IoT or mobile routers.

As 5G technology continues to shape the future of mobile connectivity, it’s no surprise that there’s an increasing demand for devices that provide reliable and fast internet speeds on the go. To meet this demand, Cradlepoint, a worldwide leader in offering LTE and 5G wireless network solutions, has taken the next step in shaping the future of mobile connectivity with the unveiling of the R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router.

This solution, designed for vehicles and IoT networks, offers a sleek exterior-mounted option for organizations requiring high-bandwidth IoT or mobile routers, expanding Cradlepoint’s 5G Wireless WAN portfolio.

The R2100 combines the modem, antennas, and router into a single aerodynamic casing with IP67 protection against weather, vibration, and shock. It can be purchased with or without Wi-Fi 6 and functions as a standalone router or a 5G adapter for existing routers.

The benefits of Cradlepoint’s 5G router

The R2100 Series has several key benefits for customers. One of the main benefits is the simplified router installation. With the R2100, antenna cables are no longer needed, so many vehicle installations will only require one power cable and a single hole in the roof for the router. This approach can significantly reduce installation complexity and cost for organizations with large fleets.

Another benefit of the R2100 is its seamless 5G extension. Customers can add 5G to their current installation by deploying the R2100 in Captive Modem mode as an adapter controlled by an attached Cradlepoint router. The NetCloud management system treats the R2100 as an internal modem, eliminating the need for a separate license, which saves the customer money.

The future of mobile connectivity is here: Cradlepoint introduces the 5G “router on the roof”

Source – Cradlepoint

The R2100 Series can also serve as an additional Wi-Fi source in captive mode, simplifying the process of adding Wi-Fi coverage. This feature is ideal for applications such as video offload, enhanced customer broadband, and Computer Aided Dispatch connectivity while in the station. The addition of Wi-Fi capability won’t incur an additional expense, as all control and licensing are attributed to the incumbent router.

Additionally, the R2100 can be used as a 5G adapter that can be added to a third-party in-vehicle router via the WAN port, making it a straightforward 3rd party 5G add-on.

Lastly, the R2100 is designed to support local containers for edge computing functionality. The NetCloud management system handles container creation and container and workload distribution and connectivity, making it a simple and secure process to deploy edge computing applications.

Potential use cases of 5G in vehicles

5G technology in vehicles has the potential to revolutionize the driving experience by providing enhanced connectivity, improved navigation and safety, better vehicle management, augmented reality features, and smart transportation systems.

With the ability to provide reliable and fast connections, drivers and passengers can enjoy better in-car entertainment experience and increased productivity. Furthermore, 5G enables real-time traffic and navigation updates, advanced safety features, and efficient vehicle management that can result in reduced downtime and improved reliability.

5G can also be used to create smart transportation systems that optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance the overall driving experience. The implementation of 5G technology in vehicles opens up a range of exciting possibilities and has the potential to significantly improve the way people travel.

According to Donna Johnson, the SVP of Marketing at Cradlepoint, companies are entering a new phase in their transformation. They are looking to extend their operations through vehicles that require a reliable connection to access cloud-based applications.

“The R2100 Series underscores how Cradlepoint is expanding the capabilities of today’s police, fire, EMS, and transit organizations, helping these agencies and first responders alike take advantage of 5G connectedness in a streamlined, more efficient way,” said Johnson.

The R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router is powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud, providing an enterprise-class, unified edge security solution for in-vehicle and IoT networks.

The introduction of a 5G router mounted on vehicles is a game-changer, bridging the gap between the need for mobility and the requirement for seamless connectivity. This technology is more than just a convenience but a crucial tool in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. The advent of 5G routers marks a new era of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike, paving the way for a more connected, productive and dynamic future.