Data center growth booms in ASEAN: Singtel, GULF, and AIS lead new development in Thailand

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Singtel, GULF, and AIS lead new data center development in Thailand

  • A new data center is being built by Singtel, GULF, and AIS, at a prime location near Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Singtel is also expanding its data center capacity in Singapore with a new facility in Tuas, which are set to begin operations in 2025, along with one in Indonesia.

There has been a significant demand for data center services in Thailand due to the country’s growing economy and internet penetration. As of 2021, Thailand has a relatively small data center market compared to other countries in the APAC region, with less than 100,000 square meters of raised floor space and around 30 facilities.

Despite this, there has been a recent influx of new, large-scale data center investments in hyperscale facilities, marking one of the first times this level of investment has been seen in the country.

One example of this trend is the construction of a new data center near Bangkok, set to begin operations in 2025, with a capacity of 20MW or more, run by GSA Data Center Company Limited, a joint venture between Singtel, GULF, and AIS.

GSA leverages the strengths of its three partners. GULF has a solid presence in the energy and infrastructure sector, with a portfolio of eco-friendly energy projects both domestically and internationally, as well as a widespread business network. Singtel has technical know-how in building and running large-scale data centers, and serves a diverse global clientele, including companies requiring vast amounts of data storage. AIS has local knowledge in developing and operating data center facilities in Thailand and serving many enterprise customers. The three partners hold equity stakes in GSA of 40% (GULF), 35% (Singtel), and 25% (AIS).

The new state-of-the-art hyperconnected data center will incorporate advanced technologies, including robust security and access control systems, efficient energy management, and the use of renewable energy to lower its carbon footprint. These capabilities serve the needs of enterprises and cloud service providers in Thailand and other regions as they experience digital transformation. The GSA data center will be built to meet international standards and will aim to achieve certifications like TIA-942 Certified-3, LEED Gold, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVRA), and ISO 27001.

Data center growth booms in ASEAN: Singtel, GULF, and AIS lead new development in Thailand

GSA Data Center Company Limited, a joint venture between Singtel, GULF, and AIS

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Regional Data Center division, noted that the construction of the data center represents a significant advancement in Singtel’s plan to be a leading provider of data center services in the ASEAN region. This initiative creates the necessary digital infrastructure to cater to the increasing demands of businesses and cloud service providers in the region.

“Thailand’s digital economy, in particular, is one of the fastest growing in the region with a compound growth rate of 15% every year to 2025, and our announcement today signals our firm intention to leverage the combined expertise of the joint venture partners to build and operate a best-in-class green data center to support this exciting market,” he continued.

Data center presence outside of Thailand

Singtel has also joined forces with Indonesia’s largest telecom company Telkom and Indonesian energy firm Medco Power for its first data center project in Indonesia to tap into robust growth in key ASEAN markets. This partnership marks the third market for Singtel as it moves forward with its regional data center strategy to meet the critical demand for digital infrastructure in ASEAN’s growth.

Singtel, Telkom, and Medco Power recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new hyperscale data center at Kabil Industrial Estate in Batam. The data center will be developed in three phases on an 8-hectare site and will have a total capacity of 51 MW when completed, with the first phase expected to deliver 20 MW.

The new data center is being built to the highest reliability, security, and sustainability standards. It will feature a dual-power system that incorporates clean and renewable energy from Medco Power and exceptional connectivity provided by Telkom and Singtel. It will also serve the needs of hyperscalers, multinational corporations, and local businesses in Indonesia and Singapore.

The company is also expanding its capacity in Singapore with a new facility in Tuas. The data centers in Indonesia and Singapore are projected to start operations in 2025.