50 Mbps broadband from Airtel

Now that’s what I call as Broadband. Till now we were suffering on a narrowband dubbed as a broadband. But Airtel has took way too higher by launching 50 Mbps broadband plan. For 8999 per month what you get is 200 GB download limit under ‘fair usage policy’.

I was against the ‘fair usage policy’ and termed it as a oxymoron. I still stand by it. But I will take this 50 Mbps/200 GB as an exception. I know what you can do with 200 GB and I also what you can’t do with a limit. I think it is fair to say that 200 GB is reasonable enough for doing almost anything in this video driven Internet world.

Few weeks back Airtel has upgraded its existing customers with a novel 4 Mbps plan. The customers would get 4 Mbps until the download/upload limit touches 6GB and the download speed drops to 256 kbps once the 6 GB limit is crossed. The limit resets every month.

I thought that was a great plan by Airtel. With its new 50 Mbps speed a whole new game has begun. Previous best speed by Airtel was 16 Mbps which was bettered by Tata with a 18 Mbps speed.

I was skeptical to go for the 4 Mbps plan when Airtel offered it. I wasn’t sure if 4 Mbps would be the actual speed. But this is what I get :


Airtel delivered the speed as promised. I hope it would be true for the 50 Mbps plan also.

Would Tata better Airtel with a 100 Mbps?