Airtel brings iPhone 3G S to India. And who will bring 3G to Airtel?

iPhone 3G S is coming to India. And we are greatly indebted to Airtel for bringing 3G S to India. Airtel has launched a page for iPhone 3G and 3G S which answers all your queries except the launch date and the price tag. Very convenient.

I know many people have a lot of questions around this. So, I took the liberty of adding few more common set of questions and my answers. Please read :

1. Do you have 3G spectrum?

No. Not yet. We are bidding for auctions and hoping to operate in most of the circles.

2. What is the price of iPhone 3G S?

We are expecting it to be somewhere between 35000 to 45000. In other words expensive as hell.

3. What good is a high speed iPhone when you don’t have the 3G spectrum?

I know how you feel.

4. What do you mean “I know how you feel”?

 Look, not having spectrum is not our problem You really have to talk to telecom ministry about it. We are really sitting on a pile of cash just to buy the spectrum. In the meanwhile we are trying our luck with all kinds of acquisition so that our cash doesn’t sit idle. You know the saying “Money should make money”. We believe in that.

5. That still doesn’t answer my question?

Really? What is your question.

7. You don’t have 3G spectrum. Why are you selling iPhone 3G S which needs a real 3G spectrum to realize the full potential?

Well we are just pre-empting the competition. Besides, we are not very far from 3G spectrum. We have placed our bids for almost all circles. We have clout, charm and Shah Rukh on our side and we are sure to get it. So relax. Take a chill pill.

Hey, we meant a chill pill not an iPill.

8. What’s up with the Zain deal?

We got the money for it.

9. You secured $9bn in a month and you skimp on your broadband upload speeds?

Wait! What upload speed? I thought we are talking about iPhone. Get out of here.

There you have it. The real questions which Airtel should be answering. By this time you should have figured out that those answers are not from Airtel.

Since Airtel doesn’t have the spectrum, may be people should buy the iPhone from Airtel and get a 3G SIM from BSNL. That doesn’t work either. Airtel and Apple are as smart as you can get. The iPhone 3G S sold in India is locked with Airtel.

For all the money you pour in to bring that heavy metal it will just work with one operator. What a shame.