DTAC launches the iPhone

Today saw DTAC offically launched the Apple iPhone for its network in Thailand (as blogged last month) rivalling True, the operator that previously enjoyed iPhone exclusivity.

Sadly I wasn’t there (invite in the post?) and there was no press release on the DTAC website, as yet, so details come via Twitter.

Two interesting nuggets of information stand out.

1. DTAC claims, in its press release (which I’m yet to see), that it already has around 87,000 iPhone users from a grey market (those using unlocked iPhones) of 200,000.

The fact that True, the (initial) exclusive iPhone carrier, sold 100,000 units (as blogged here) suggests these figures are wildly inaccurate. No press release means no source for the stats other than @smartbrain’s tip-off. 

How does one go about measuring the unlocked iPhone user-base anyway?

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