INQ Mobiles are coming to India with Aircel & Dhoni

INQ, famous for their Facebook phone is coming to India. It will launch INQ Mini 3G and INQ Chat 3G phones in India. INQ is collaborating with Indian mobile provider Aircel. Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni who works for IPL is the brand ambassador for INQ. Dhoni is also the ambassador for Aircel.

INQ is a company which is trying to revolutionize how you connect with your friends. Head over to carefully designed INQ’s homepage.

INQ’s timing couldn’t be better. Facebook is topping the social networking charts with 8 million users. India’s love of social networks and especially Facebook will only grow. A recent survey has put social networking ahead of email as the future of communication.

INQ Chat 3G, with Facebook, Twitter and Skype, is the ultimate social tool. The pricing details are not out yet but my guess is these two phones will be priced between 5000 – 10000 rupees. If not, it can fail miserably. INQ will also give some tough fight to Samsung and LG which are riding on a high with their newly launched smartphones.

INQ should launch it fast during the IPL time. I am sick of the Karbonn ads.

Aircel has been part of something new all the time. It has recently partnered with Peek to launch a qwerty email only device. Though the usability of an email only phone is debatable, Aircel is not afraid to try. With INQ choosing Aircel as a partner, both can see a win-win only if Aircel gets the 3G spectrum. 

(Via GigaOM) (Image from INQ)