LG Pop to rival Samsung Candy for Thailand’s youth market

LG recent launched its GD510 Pop handset into the Thai market.

Aimed at the youth generation, LG has the Samsung Candy (blogged here), a device I rate as perhaps the best example of a youth-marketed mobile phone in Thailand, firmly in its sights.

Details of the Pop below are taken from Mobiletor.com.

Aimed at the young generation, the full-touchscreen phone is really thin (11.2 mm) and features an impressive 3-inch WQVGA display. The new offering is designed to be exquisite and adds a touch of complete trig for trendy users.

The GD510 comes equipped with an attractive array of multimedia features like – MP3 player, 3.2 megapixel camera and web browser. It can also use an optional solar-battery cover.

Further, the eco-friendly handset offers a highly efficient battery charger that cuts power consumption and subsequently reduces carbon emissions. When the phone is fully charged, it beeps and displays a message on screen, reminding users to unplug the charger and save energy.

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