Micromax gamolution – Turns any PC or a laptop to a gaming device

There is a new commercial which is airing during the IPL games. Advertising on IPL is becoming more like the NFL Superbowl ads. Last year it was the Vodafone ZooZoo’s which debuted during the IPL. This year there were two ads which debuted during IPL. Both feature Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. And both the ads are for future technology with a coming soon label on them.

Here is one of the ads:

Link to Video

The device which Akshay Kumar holds is a mobile phone with wireless motion-sensing gaming controller from Micromax. It is called Micromax G4 Gamolution.

Micromax is a Gurgaon based mobile manufacturing company and the latest entrant to the Indian mobile phone market, challenging Nokia. It already has a six percent market share and is creating its own niches like the gamulation or the dual-SIM mobiles.

Gamolution from Micromax turns any computer or a laptop into a gaming machine sans the WII. The price of the phone is speculated to be less than 10000 rupees. With such a cost if one can have a gaming device in hand what else can you ask for? I can see many people buying the phone just for the heck of it. Nobody would mind if it was their third or fourth phone. I don’t think it has a dual SIM like many of Micromax’s other phones. 

This Gamolution doesn’t end at being gaming emulator. It has a two megapixel camera, has Bluetooth, works as a webcam when connected to PC through a USB cable, and looks super slick.

I like Micromax and Gamolution for two reasons. It is trying to solve very practical problems. First, dual SIM phones is a problem it solved very well. Micromax has created a niche for itself in the dual-SIM market. Twenty-two out of 26 models Micromax sells in India are dual SIM. Second, it is bringing the right products at the right price and at the right time. What better product than a mobile phone which turns a PC into a WII? And what better time than to launch the phone during IPL?

Micromax is not launching a cheaper alternative of popular versions in the west. Google wanted to launch a cheaper version of its Nexus One. INQ wants to launch cheaper versions of its 3G mobiles. This might sound like a good idea but India is not a market for cheaper alternatives. It is a tried and tested ground. If you don’t succeed in India then you better get a better product – not a cheaper one.

In a way I like Apple for what they do. They think their products are the best and price it pretty high. No releasing of cheaper versions for India. Yes, I did advocate for getting the price right for Apple. I never supported a cheaper alternative.

Indians like value for money. Micromax is providing that. It is nothing like anything.