Upside Learning – mobile based learning solutions


How about knowing more about soccer through an iPhone app? That’s what Upside learning is trying to do with its new mobile application available on iPhone and Blackberry. Game is called Soccer Quiz which has 10 trivia questions about football.

Questions like the color of cards referee carries in football match or who won the 1998 world cup. Other similar questions :

The database of questions is really small. I can see that the 10 questions are being repeated. Maybe it is because Soccer Quiz is a free app. But for a 2.3MB application I expected more questions in the database.  

As you can see my score is 4 rights and 3 wrongs. Not a big football buff. Overall this game does raise awareness about football if you are not into it already. If you are into it, then it just bolsters your position.

Upside Learning is a Pune based startup which specializes in eLearning solutions and is venturing it mobile based training solutions. It provides learning and technology solutions for training companies and SME’s. It plans to introduce more game like Soccer Quiz which are diverse and complex. (source)

Learning through games is a very innovative way of learning. I hope Upside learning really turns learning upside down. Not just for football but for everything else.

PS : How about a similar app for Cricket?